Monday, January 24, 2011

I Suck at updates lately!

Well it's been busy over here for sure! Got all moved in to Our schweet new diggs, and we are for sure happy here. Roomies are great, and Kyle and I seem to be getting along just fine so far. Getting used to living together. It's different but good. I just bought a road bike over the weekend too with my Christmas money (thanks aunt Mary / uncle Steve / Nana!), and I am thrilled to have a bike again. Mom is going to send me my shoes and pedals and I'll have to look for a helmet, but it means I can definitely start ridin out here! Join a group or something, and go to some morning rides. I've gotta check into some local Tri teams too....didn't find much before I left the states but there's gotta be something with all the groups I see out!

Anyway, we threw a house warming get together over the weekend too and had some friends over. That was a good time. I was running around a lot, jut busy. Between trying to entertain and wrangle the people (not that many), and then organize to look at this road bike (in the pouring rain I might add) it was a little crazy. Had a blast tho. Next time we'll do it differently I think. The "bring food /BYOB" thing doesn't always seem to work out. We had a ton of snacks and drinks there, but couldn't afford to feed everyone substantial food, so we said to just bring whatever you wanted to eat. Worked out ok in the end by next time it's probably easier for us to just buy it all and then have people contribute. Ah well, live and learn :-)

OH, big new today too: we have finally found a car!! Kyle has been scouring TradeMe for cars for weeks, askin questions and doing research, talking to people....been busy! So grateful for it. He's been paying to rent cars too just to drive around to look at cars! The one weekend it was really nice to have when we were moving, that's for sure. He's learned his way around really well too better than me now. Well his radius is at least a lot bigger. Very excited to have something our own! It'll make things easier for sure.

We got a 1993 Toyota Sceptor, 7 seater wagon. Maroon Red in color, brand new engine, new stereo, leather seats, sun roof, etc. Awesome! We wanted a wagon so that we can travel on weekends and be able to sleep in he back if we just feel like going off randomly. No worries about accommodations then. :-). Cheaper! Very excited. Sounds like the sellers are really awesome too, Kyle met them today when I was at work, and we may have some new friends! They sound cool, and really really nice. Good deal! So the search is Over. At least on that front.

So a bike and car in the span of 3 days! Now, if only the next phase of good luck would be a jib coming through for Kyle. REALLY hoping this Blue Barn company hires him. Sounds like he'd get along with them really well. We'll see.

On the work front, work is good but busy. I feel overloaded, though I'm not. I have a full quota now though which honestly I don't think j have had before. Hard to keep up. Having trouble getting through these shots wig the snake in any kind if quick manor as well. Just time consuming really. And it takes some planning and figuring out as I go often to get things to move correctly. Ah well. I love some of the shots (the snake ones) even if hey are hard. Really do like working with him, whether it's frustrating or not. If I pull off a couple of these well, they will definitely be some substantial shots on my reel! I have about 44 seconds of straight animation, back to back on the show in one section, which is really cool! A musical number too, so that should be interesting. Can't say I've done much of that before! :). Otherwise things are good. I've decided that I'm going to try not to work much over time like I was before kyle came, and it's working for me. Well, in a personal life sense anyways. I'm not getting as much work done as I could, but I am still working over my required 90 hrs every two weeks. Seems to be about 100 in two weeks about. Just a lot of work, and I feel like I'm still slow at it. I duno, I want things to loom good, and they just seem to take me longer so far. I can't rush through them. I'll get faster people keep telling me, and I'm sure j will

I did kind of screw myself last week, not being as productive as I should have been. It's hard coming off of a long break AND working with your friends. Everyone wants to catch up and socialize after being away. Which is GREAT, but not at work ;). I'm just now starting to get back into a groove. Sucks that it took me a little while. Oh well. it will get done eventually.

Alright well, enough for now, should get to bed soon. Hoping it doesn't rain AGAIN in the morning so I can go run we've had some insane rain and wind the past week or so. Kinda cool, but no good for working out. :)


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