Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ok, so Im tired of not writing anymore about what I was doing in New Zealand, and I know you all are curious as hell as to what I have been up to!  Well, tonight (hopefully) I will begin updating again.

Things have been hectic, Kyle's mom and brother came to town, and I maneuvered my work shifts around to battle both my quota and time, to get everything done, on top of all the other insanity that we were doing before they got here, trying to get life settled.  Well, now that we are getting into more of a routine again, I can start writing about things again!  :-P

So far behind on emails, facebook, projects, etc... its hard man.  I get home, and dont want to sit at a computer anymore.  But I am going to start this up again :-)  Just like Im starting to train again.  haha.

Triathlon in 1.5 weeks!  *thats right, I signed up for a Sprint out in Mission Bay*


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