Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alright, one more thing to add...

So after the two weeks with Patti and Keving being here, I was making up work hours and trying to catch up, so I worked all of the following weekend.  Not terrible, but you know, I had to do it.  Got everything done too that I needed to.

Anyway, so LAST weekend, considering things have been so hectic, Kyle turned to me on Thursday and said "what do you think of using our one free night stay out at Piha to enjoy one of the last nice weather before the winter hits?"  Of course, Im like "HELL YES!"  So Kyle contacted Aaron at the Piha Exquisite Bed and Breakfast, to see if they had booking for Friday - Sunday. 

Thankfully, they did!  And not only that, they gave us the master suite!  AWESOME place.  This is the same place we stayed at for the New Year, and they had given us a voucher for one free night when you stay for two.  How could we pass it up?!  Haha, it was great having a nice little spontaneous trip for the weekend.  So, I got off work a little early Friday, and off we went.

Even better than the last time, if thats possible!

Epic Bathroom.

 INSANE view... as always

Good morning Piha.

Exploring the rocks.  it was a little creepy though... there are MASSIVE boulders just hanging out over our heads here... we didn't hang out too long.

The surfers walked / climbed through here to get out to the bigger waves further out in the water.  We decided to follow, but the tide started coming in, so we didn't make it far.

Sea foam.  EVERYWHERE.

The waves were so big, and the undertoe so strong, Surf Rescue was kicking people out of the water.  Crazy.  Kyle looks like he's at the end of the world. :-P

 Lion Rock!  Can you see the Lion?  After being here 3 times, I FINALLY did, but only at this angle...

haha, we had a good time exploring around that day.  Theres more to the story of the weekend..... like how INSANELY hung over we got the next day because of this random family of Kiwis (4 of them were staying at the Bed and Breakfast with us for the weekend) that took us out drinking with them...for their family member's 60th birthday....  But more on that later, I promise.  Haha.  Enjoy!

Bed time for me!

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