Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mmm what a day

Good day, what can I say? Started out at the Otara Market, which we hadn't checked out yet. We go to the Avondale market on Sundays regularly. This one turned out to be pretty similar, but we still had a good time. Started with a great big coffee for each of us, plus a hot sandwich with beef, onion, and egg for Kyle, and one with bacon (the Canadian kind), and egg for me. YUM.

Onward we wandered through the stands, admiring everything. Picked up some great local produce too, three bags of fruits for $11!!! AWESOME. Good times

Came home after, and got ready for our weekend long run. Today was 7 miles, 11.2km. And what a run it was! Started off beautifully, gorgeous, sunny and warm, with a bit of wind. We were running along the water front toward Mission Bay (where the recent Auckland earthquake just occurred, lol), and the moment we hit half way, ready to turn around, we were hit with pretty much a mini hurricane!!! CRAZY! I mean the wind had picked up, and the waves had gotten really big in the harbour, but we didn't expect this! It was INSANELY windy. I mean, so windy you could lean into it, and coming right into our faces. Not only that, it was pouring, and it hurt so bad that I though I was little hail!!!! Haha. We kept running though because we were literally in an area with no cover, and had no choice. At one point though, It got so strong that we ducked by a parked car, because the rain was so horizontal that we stayed dry when down next to it. Crazy! It literally lasted less than 5 minutes too, and then it was miraculously back to a bright, clear, sunny day!!! CRAZY! New Zealand weather is literally so unpredictable. It was quite epic. We made our 7 miles too! On the dot. My ankle held up as well, until he last mile when it KILLED. I had double-wrapped it to see if that would held stabilise it more. Kinda worked! Got home and iced it and wrapped it again after the run.

Then, off we went to run some errands, including getting ingredients for CHILLI!!! YUM! As I am sitting here I can smell it. So awesome. So, since then we have been chilling out at the house watching master chef. :).

Great end to a great day. :)

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