Monday, July 11, 2011

This made me stop and think for a second...

So today I started looking at a blog that Matt had posted on the forums at work.  I was really impressed by it... its the drawings of a 16 year old named De'Von Stubblefield....and he's amazing.


Check out the blog here if you're interested: 

I read this post from him though... and I was SO impressed at what he said.  And it made me want to do these try and get back some of that creativity I feel like I used to have.  He's completely right about how daily life sometimes changes us, and gets rid of the ways we used to feel about certain things.  Read on:



"Whatever happened to that childlike sense of Wonder?

I’m pretty sure this question pops into most of our minds from time to time.  I don’t know if there really is a definite answer, because everyone was brought up differently.  But at some point I think mostly all of us werre at the peak of our vast imaginations.  We saw the world in a different light.  Our imagination provided endless oppurtunities to create.  But as we began to grow older something happened.  The things that used to fascinate us no longer did.  Reality slowly crept in with all its worries and its troubles and we began to lose sight of what ignited our imaginations.
Maybe it was negativity, stress, responsibility, criticism, or peer pressure that lead us astray. What happens is that once you block the flow of your creative mindset, you will start to drift into the world of black and white.  You start seeing things in its simplest states.  But how does one step back into that seemingly distant world of technicolor?  The answer is simple, start taking different routes to your daily destination.  Begin asking questions about why things are the way they are.  Look at things through diffent perspectives, be it mentally or physically.  Listen to a song that brings back a memory.  Don’t just listen to it but resonate in it.  Start to observe what makes people happy and ask them (or to yourself) what makes them feel that way.  If you have the time go for a walk, a bike ride, read something (in a book), write down a list of things that make you happy and why they make you feel that way.  Once you begin an of these things your black and white world will slowly but surely be filled with technicolor."

Just something to think about as you go along in your daily life :-)  I know I will be.

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