Tuesday, August 23, 2011

long time coming update

Haha, so apparently all it takes for me to stop writing regularly is a week and a half without internet!  YAY!  They cut our internet access at work too, so its been difficult to keep up.

Quick update for everyone:

Things are good, busy as always.

-Marathon training is in full swing, did our Half Marathon training run on Sunday and it went well.

-I got sick for the first time since getting here, meaning a week off training for me (last week), and a seriously stuffy nose / cough / all-that-fun-stuff-that-comes-with-a-cold-ness.  Better now, but now Kyle is sick!

-We are headed to Queenstown on Friday for our 3 year anniversary!  It will be the first time we've ever been on a plane together, and first time to the South Island.  Fingers crossed we make it home with no broken bones from Skiing!!  And look for some epic photos to appear.... I can not WAIT to take in some of the scenery!

-We spent a week and a half at the beginning of the month House Sitting for Kyle's boss.  It was AWESOME having some space to ourselves and some peace and quiet.  We got to take care of two cats, a dog, and chill with some sheep too!  Haha.  Did some difficult runs out there.  The area was called Dairy Flat.... and let me tell you, it is FAR from flat!  Great challenging 9 miler out there.  I though I had posted about that, but looks like I didn't get to (thats when we had no internet, I couldnt get my computer to log into their server).

-Work is good, Im working on Robot and Monster now for a while.  My second episode of Penguins just aired on Saturday as well!!!!  Youtube:  "Operation: Vacation" part 1, for a look at what I did!

-Getting toward the end of winter finally, and getting SUPER excited about some beach time this year!!!

-ASSASSINS game at work: Haha, so far, there were 16 of us that started the game..... and now there are only 5 remaining.  Im in the top 5, and I've had the most "kills" at work so far.  AND, Im the only girl left........ ;-)

But yea, things have been great!  More of a solid update to come.  I know, sometimes Im super bad at keeping up with this :-D


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