Saturday, May 28, 2011

Since we last spoke...I turned 25!

Soo about a month has passed, and lots of things have happened!

-Panasonic People's Triathlon!
-Mountain bike race in Rotorua with Kyle's work mates at Blue Barn
-Caving / good times for my birthday in Waitomo!

-Well, I've been working a lot.  We took two trips so far, one to Rotorua, and one out to Waitomo!  Its been good.  Keeping up with work (had my 6 month review, and it went well!), and I think I've been doing pretty good on this episode.  Staying on task, and ALMOST got everything done before our deadline.  We'll see what happens Monday!

But yea, things have been good.  The weather is getting crappier as winter sets in, but not too bad yet.  Im riding twice a week with Bike 75 down the road from work, and I have definitely gotten stronger.  I love it!  Its hard to get out of bed in the mornings, but since I have them to meet, I've been pretty good lately with actually going.  Been falling off on running, but I have a month left....  until I start training for the Auckland Marathon in October!!!!!

Yes, I said I would never do another one....... but what could it hurt?  Our room mate Pierre suggested the Half Marathon... but then we found out it was sold out, so he said "well, why not the full then?"  So I... sadly... agreed.  Haha.  Kyle did too!  So the plan starts soon, and fingers crossed most of my runs aren't wet ones.  Auckland winters can be prett freakin.. rainy.  Blech.

I just turned 25 too!!!!  Im kinda happy about it.  I love the #5, so Im hoping this only means it'll be a good year.  OH, and I got my NZ driver's License!!!!!!!!!  I OFFICIALLY hold a NZ Id, and I can....still....legally drive here.  Haha, its just nice to have an ID cause Ive been refused alcohol before for looking...well, under 25 I guess?  Stupid, I know.  Anyway, NO LONGER CAN THEY REFUSE ME!  Haha.

I got some gorgeous flowers from Kyle's family to start it all off too!

I had a stellar birthday.  Here's a pretty good description of what happened, that I wrote in an email to my Nana :-P

"I had a fantastic birthday, Kyle surprised me and took me out to a place called Waitomo.  Its full of underground caves, about 300 of them all over the area!  Really rural, out in the mountains.  Lots and lots of farms, and absolutely beautiful scenery.  So we got to the first place we were staying, and it was at a bed and breakfast on this woman's farm.  They have like, 260 acres of FARMLAND!  insane!  They have only one bedroom, and its like its own little apartment right off of the house.  It was brand newly renovated, and really really nice.  SO we stayed there, and spent the evening playing with the farm animals!  She had a ton of chickens, goats, horses, pigs, rabbits... etc.  And they were a lot of fun.  We took a bunch of pictures, I'll try to upload some when I get home. 

The next morning, we went horseback riding, the woman whose family owns the farm leads trail riding tours, so Kyle booked one for us.  It was his first time on a horse, and my first time in a very long time.  I LOVED it.  So much fun.  After that, we hung around the farm a little longer before moving on to the next place we were staying.  This next building was an old Victorian place, that was 103 years old!!  It was kind of neat, and everything was original.  We checked in, and then went off to check out some of the natural landscape.  We saw a HUGE waterfall, and a natural bridge.  It is seriously gorgeous out there.

Then that night, Kyle took me on a Glow Worm tour in one of the caves.  That was neat, I had never seen a glow worm before!  The cave wasn't huge, but we walked in with a tour group and took some really cool photos.  Next day, we wen Black Water Rafting, which is pretty much where a group takes you down into one of the caves, and you travel about 3 miles through it, through the water, climbing around, and floating through it on your innertube raft.  CRAZY!  They put is in wet suits and whatnot, thankfully cause it was very cold (its getting into winter time here).  It was so so awesome though.  We saw an eel in the water (thankfully not the electric kind), and these big big bugs called Wetas.  its like a BIG cricket type bug, thats only in New Zealand (I think).  It was so cool!  We both had a blast.

Then, we took some hot showers and ate some hot soup at the lodge after the caves, and headed home.  Kyle took me out to a really nice dinner, and then we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in the movie theatre.  I LOVE those movies.  It was a fantastic weekend.  Kyle definitely knows how to plan a birthday vacation I'd say!!  :-)"

So yes, the man did well!  PLUS, after ALL of that, my co workers set up a dinner on Tuesday night for me, so we went to this really good Japanese restaurant near the office.  17 people came too!  Man, I felt popular!  Dinner was really good too.  And I got a free dessert!  Tempura bananas with chocolate ice cream.  YUM!  No birthday cake though, which is fine, cause I didn't need it.  I had "Happy Birthday" sung to me in a CAVE, and I had two epic dinners that Mr Kyle took me too, so I was definitely satisfied.

But wait, its not over... I come home from work late on Wednesday, and what did Kyle do?!  HE GOT ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!  haha, not only that, but it was a Mint Chocolate Mud Cake.  NOM!  I took photos.  It was great.  He made dinner and everything.  TALK ABOUT SPOILED!  I guess 25 is a pretty "big" birthday.  But man, I have some work to do to get Kyle's 30th planned then!  Well, two years, but still.  Its gotta be good!  Haha.  I'll need to come up with something creative.

Anyways, thats all for now.   We're going SURFING tomorrow.  Excited.  Bunch of people form work are going.  Should be fun!  COLD though, of course its "winter here" and we decide to go surfing!  Haha.  Ah well, Looking forward to it!

Heres some Photo hilights lately:

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