Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well, today we took surfing lessons! A big group of us from work went together. There were about 8 of us that took he 10:30am lesson at Muriwai Beach Surf School. It was a good time! I can't say that I did awesomely, well, not like I had hoped anyway, but our instructor Martin, and his assistant (we cant remember his name), were really good. Martin was helping me a lot, and I got up a couple of times, unfortunately mostly on my knees, or on one knee, but that's ok. I would go again. Had a couple of wipe outs, and definitely swallowed some sea well as totally clogging up one of my ears pretty bad. Ah well, no pain no gain! Haha.

Kyle did really well though! He had a great time and was definitely not ready to stop after the hour. Haha had we not been with a group, I think he would have surfed all day! So glad he had a good time. Apparently I need to do some serious push-ups to prepare for the next time we go. My arms got tired before anything else.

We dragged Kate out with us too last minute, and she had a good time. She did really well, better than me! She got (at least) one wave that I saw her ride all the way in. Good stuff!

We will definitely go again. Once I get rid of my ear ache! :)

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Location:Muriwai Beach

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