Monday, May 30, 2011

Workout, what?!

Dude, Kyle and I just ran a pretty solid 10k (just a tad short of the total 10)! First time I have run that far in months. AND there were a couple wicked hills. Nice!

SOOOO sore in the arms from surfing. After that run too, hoping I'm up for the bike ride tomorrow morning. Haha listen to me... I sound like I did in college ;). Well at least a run like that warranted a nice Snapper dinner! Yum.

Can you believe we are STILL eating the red snapper we caught from when Kyle's mom and brother were here?! Nuts! Love it. :)

Good day today. I'm even caught up with all my work!!! Can't say that happens often :). Love it. Now to catch up on the rest of my emails...

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