Thursday, October 21, 2010

Going Crazy

Ok, so Im wicked nervous.  Like, wicked.  Not in a bad way, but just... butterflies all the time.  I still feel like I have a lot left to pack (hopefully not too much?), but I've been packing all day, as well as yesterday, and I'm just at that point where I don't want to pack anymore.  I feel like... I don't know where to PUT stuff.  Sucks.  I'm trying to just, make sure I take only what I need... but again, how do you decide that for a year?  I know, I can always "buy things over there," but you know, why buy something if you have it?  Haha.  As long as my suitcases are under 50lbs, I'm allll good.  And of course over the course of the past week or two, I've gained 5lbs.  Thinking its the nerves, though usually I'm not a nervous eater.  Oh well. 

It's already 11:00pm, and I am completely wide awake, wired.  Last night was the same, I was wide awake until 1am.  I guess thats a good thing really.... haha, trying to adjust to the time change early maybe?  Who knows.  I will be fine once I'm in California (I hope), its just..... getting there.  I'm so compulsive about this stuff.  Lists and lists, and then folding, RE-folding, organizing, etc.  It's kind of exhausting I guess.  Though I have figured out that I am a pretty smart packer in terms of saving space. 

Well......... back to it!  All nigher?  Hope not.  :-P  Though I will be surprised if I sleep!

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, notes, cards, messages, etc.  Its been so helpful :-)

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  1. Katie, love the blog and will be following it regularly! The nerves are understandable, I'm nervous for you!! But I'm convinced that this will be an experience of a life time and you will love it. We love you very much sweetie. Go get 'em ~ Aunt Mary