Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Wahoo!  I sold the car!!!!  And then got a MILLION phone calls from people interested in buying it.... haha.  Note to self: if you want to sell a car, park it in front of Amy's Apartment in Arlington.  I swear, so much interest!  I ended up selling it to a really nice woman who had seen my post on AutoTrader (go AutoTrader!).  Got a sizeable amount for it, so I am very happy with the sale.  Everything went over really smoothly too, which is fantastic.  Easier to sell a car than I thought! 

PS, if you ever need to go to the DMV in Northern VA, look for a Satellite Location.  Saved me hours not going to the main locations.  Just a little hint :-)

So, I think things are pretty much set to leave....  got my money converted to NZD (their money is so much more interesting.... and way more durable than ours), had my going away shindig, and I think I've filled out any necessary paperwork I needed.  Now, its time to pack.  *dies*

How the heck to you pack to go away for a year?  In college it was easy, you fill a car with stuff, and figure out where to put it when you get to your apartment/house/dorm, or send the extra back home with mom and dad.  This time, not only do I need to only take whatever fits in 2 or 3 suitcases, but I have to pack for 4 seasons!  Well, I guess its not that bad really, considering NZ has a very very mild climate overall.  Doesn't sound like the summers are all that hot (70's or so), and the winters aren't too terribly cold.  Most homes / apartments don't even include central heating!  That must be a good sign, right?  Who knows.  I have heard that it rains a lot though.. so I may be purchasing my first pair of "galoshes."  Don't judge.  At least I have a rain coat!

Hopefully this won't be too hard..... we'll see.  As with sending the bike over?  No one knows.  Might be more worth it to buy a used one when I get there.  I just hope I find one!  We'll see though.  Its just really damn expensive to ship something like that over there, so I am trying to avoid it.  Not to mention the potential damage that could occur if I do send it in the first place.  So, who knows!

On the bright side, I had a great weekend.  Very emotional, but very good.  I have some of the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for.  And I know, not everyone is lucky enough to have that.  SO, it was fantastic to see everyone, and I spent a few hours running around the house trying to get in my time with everybody.  Got to see Kyle for a full 4 days too, which was amazing.  I've been on edge because of leaving, so of course we were bickering more than normal, but it was still awesome to see him for a few days.  I was a wreck when he left, but hopefully Christmas time will come sooner than I expect.

And with that, damn..... its time to PACK.  And, for real this time (I've never put off packing so badly before.... haha).


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  1. Bickering!? What are you talkin about~!? I don't call what we did bickering?..... ;-) Played in the yard with leave blower, went out with wonderful friends, had a kick ass party, Went to nice dinner at Chima, and Carving amazing pumpkins! :-)