Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec 1 and 2

Well, another good two days.  Except I have been SO tired.  Insanely tired.  Yesterday I was so tired I was laughing at everything.  Seriously.. and laughing heavily.  It was a pretty good day because of that, haha.  
Anyway, I woke up early, around 5:15, and met Ngaire to go for a run.  This time we headed out toward Mt Eden, which was awesome.  We thought about going up the volcano, but instead decided to hold that for another day, and ran toward the main roads, and back in the neighborhoods.  Man, Mt Eden is nice!  Quiet, tree filled streets.  Much more suburban than a couple of the other places I have been looking.  I really kind of liked it.  So I think I'll start searching there for apartments / flats and whatnot.  It was a good run.  Did about 5 or 6 miles.  

Work was good, busy.  Still catching up.  BUT, I got 5 shots (out of like, the 9 I had or so) submitted for review.  Awesome!  3 of them were the snake, which is going really well actually.  Granted, I havent gotten feedback on them yet, but either way, I find them easy actually now.  Ended up having a chat with Myke and Fraser about mid way through the day too.  Went in to just ask a quick question, and he ended up giving me a bunch of feedback at the same time.  So we started chatting, and he was saying how he thought it was funny that he had been told in the past by new animators, how nervous they were starting out on the show.  I was expressing how I was behind and a tad worried about keeping up, but that things were still going fine.  He was saying that everyone usually does just fine in the end.  But I mentioned that students like myself that came from AM, are used to having quite a long time to polish up a shot.  More than a week... or even two weeks... for one shot.  ONE.  Not 9.  haha.  So Myke and Fraser got a little bit of an eye opening there, because they had been wondering why some AM students came into the studio with some fantastic work and Demo Reels, but that they struggled so much to stay on top of their work.  So I feel pretty lucky actually to be on top for the most part, of my work.  But still, glad that they know it now.  Haha, it was funny to since I expressed being a tad behind (it was more of an appology than anything), Myke kind of turned to Fraser and made a side comment about giving me (and some others) a bit of a break since we are still getting used to characters.  I feel pretty confident with the rigs, but it was nice to hear that they cared how overwhelmed some of us might be.  Not just me.  And realy, I feel overwhelmed, but not terribly.  I know that tomorrow (for example) I still have two shots left to finish, plus Feedback to cover, and if I just sit down and focus, I will get it done. 

Anyway, it was a good day overall.  Productive for sure.  Its nice sometimes to tune out for a bit and just focus on what you're doing.  But at the same time, I really enjoy the people in our room, so its hard for me to tear away from the conversation and focus in.  All good though, I can do it when I need to.

The past two days have also been nice because I have been able to chat with Kyle a bit on Gmail while at work.  SO nice.  I think the past couple days is the most we've chatted consecutively in a while.  Probably since I got here.  Its really nice.  I feel like theres a bunch of stuff that I havent heard thats happened in his life, and well, same with me I guess (though he has this to catch up with).  Not bad, just different.  I cant wait til he's here and we can exeperience this place together.  Im not all that good about exploring on my own.  I have this thing where I always want someone to share the moment with.  I duno, Not much of a loner I guess.  Oh well.  :-)  Im pretty proud of myself though because I have been doing a lot on my own.  More than I am used to, thats for sure.  Going to festivals, going grocery shopping, heading to the shopping areas, etc.  Things like that.  I think I will go to the beach on Saturday probably by myself.  I don't think anyone wants to go for the afternoon really, and I would love nothing more than to just go and lay in the sun.  I know the sun is strong, but I'll just be careful.  I have to check out a townhouse around 12:30 first though, then maybe I'll head down to the beach.  Probably Mission Bay cause its easy to get to.  :-)

Anyway, after work yesterday, I headed down for Steak night with the crew.  I always enjoy that.  We have a good time, and definitely get in a few laughs.  It was nice not to be at work til 8pm too.  I have to start forcing myself to just leave, even when things arent done yet.  A lot of others seem to have that attitude.  That work is work, and your time is your time.  I think more people and companies in the US need to be that way.  Its important.  I think I just need to be a bit more productive in the day time.  I will need to be when Kyle gets here, so that I can actually spend time with him.  I am determined not to be spending my evenings at the office all the time.  Every once in a while, fine.  But not like I am now.  Then again, I do love being there, so its a trade off :-).

So, came home, had a good quiet night, and headed to bed around 12.

Got up even EARLIER this morning (5am) to meet Ngaire again.  Today we conquered Mt Eden.  yes, we ran UP it.  Its a volcano (I believe I mentioned that earlier..), and there are 12 or so in Auckland.  Dormant Volcanos though, so no worries of Lava ;-).  But let me tell you... Ngaire is a beast!  She kicked my ass up the mountain of a hill!  Man, I was really impressed.  And it shows I need to run more!  haha.  it was a shorter run than we have been doing, but I am OK with that, considering the huge hills we climbed.  She said One Tree Hill is much worse.  So I'll have to do some Mt Eden repeats before attempting One Tree Hill.  Its great, cause every time I finish running with her lately, I am definitely sore.  She keeps a good pace!  Abs are sore and all.  LOVE IT.  I need to start doing some more workouts. 

Sounds like Carla and Matt are doing some Cross training stuff.  Im going to try to get some of their workouts, cause thats a good way to get more fit without needing a gym membership.  That would be awesome.  I've TOTALLY lost my upper body strength.  No good.  At all.  I was telling Kyle how disappointed I was in myself that I put on some weight coming over here (though Im walking EVERYWHERE... dont quite get it...I think Im just eating more...I guess it comes with stress), and he said "don't worry, when I get there, we'll be ripped!"  haha.  Excited to have someone else to workout with as well.  And for christmas (well, after Christmas) Mom and Gary are going to ship my bike!!!!!  SO excited!!!!!!!  I can't wait to start joining some of the group rides in the area.  Theres a bunch at the bike shop right next to work.  I think it'll be great to learn how to ride on the roads with a group, not to mention getting me used to riding on the opposite side, for when I have to learn to drive. 

Anyway, got the epic run done and headed to work.  Work was alright today, not nearly as productive.  SOOO wiped out.  Just totally knackered (New Zealand for tired... hehe), and wanted to curl up under my desk and go to sleep.  Then I ended up with a MASSIVE headache that I just could not get rid of.  So I left around 6:30pm, just cause I couldnt work anymore.  Sucks cause i wanted to have all those last two shots done today, and just be doing feedback tomorrow.  Looks like I'll just have to get in and crank out.  OH, the best thing ever, was that I friggin got TWO approved today that I started today!  EPIC.  Man I was so happy about that.  AND, I have been assigned a crazy crazy Julien Shot to do in Secondary next week.  Someone else did the Primary on this one.  Should be interesting!!!  I guess Im doin alright with Julien, considering this is SH#2 with him!  AWESOME!  :-D

Alright, on that note, I should get to bed.  Fortunately the headache is gone, and had a totally chill and really nice night at home :-). 

Its definitely bed time.  Lets hope tomorrow is more productive.  And thank goodness its Friday... I was 100% convinced this morning, that it was already Friday!  Just goes to show what working all weekend does to the brain.......


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