Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec 6th and 7th

OOOmg, so Kyle officially has his PLANE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!  He lands on Christmas Eve and is planning to stay!  We are searching for work and apartments, and all of that good stuff.  MAN am I excited!  Talk about lucky too, I already scheduled work off on the 24th, and he lands at 6am on the 24th!  Im going to arrange a shuttle to take me to the airport to meet him.  AHHHH I CANT WAIT! 

So, now aside from that AWESOMENESS, the week has started off with a bit of a bang.  I am SLAMMED with work.  I have 10 shots this week.  No idea how many frames in total, but a LOT of work overall.  I hope I can make it through it.  Yesterday I left a little early to check out this absolutely EPIC townhouse with Kate.  OMG the place is gorgeous.  Its a 3 bedroom place, for $750 per week total.  Not counting utilities.  And wow... I mean, wow.  Its in parnell, and is fully furnished.  And by fully furnished I mean: Every kitchen appliance you could imagine, leather couches, a balcony on every floor, all Queen size beds, and a King in the master bedroom which is on the top floor.  The two bedrooms are on the bottom floor, with the kitchen / living room / dining room on the middle floor, and the master room on the top floor.  And let me tell you... the master room?  OMG I WANT IT!  Huge bedm built-in desk, big closet, private bathroom, built-in flat-screen tv, separate leather couch in the bedroom, private balcony with a huge table and chairs overlooking the city.  Quiet... I mean wow.  It was marvelous.  I would take it in a heartbeat.  Now it sounds like an amazing deal because that would be $250 per bedroom per week.  TOTALLY in my price range.  BUT.. because the master room is SO much larger and has so many more things in it.. that it wouldnt be fair to pay the same price for that room as the other two which are much smaller.  So I would have to pay $300 pw for it, which is also fine... until you add in utilities for both me and Kyle.  Granted, if Kyle has a job, he can split utilities, making it much cheaper, but if he doesnt have a job right away, that would be more than half my income per month just on rent alone.  TOO much.  But omg I love the place.  Nicest place I have seen yet. 

The nice part, (in a way) is that since its owned by a woman who is leaving the country for a job as a nurse in the Middle East (working on a military base and whatnot), she kind of gets to pick and choose who lives there.  So she met us, said she liked us, but there are a lot of people interested in the property.  So we may not even be chosen for the place.  We will know in another week and a half or so.  I just wish it was a little cheaper.  If it was $300 pw total, or even $320 pw total, that would be soooo do-able.  And it would be perfect because Kyle and I would have essentially our own separate apartment upstairs, just sharing kitchen and laundry.  EPIC.  But still.  It would be over $440pw for us to rent that, and for me thats over $100 more a week than I can spend.  SO .... who knows.  We'll see. 

Anyway, that was awesome.  After that, we walked part way back together, and then headed off home.  Made dinner at the house, and hung out again with the room mates.  Very chill night again. 

Fortunately and unfortunately, the servers were all messed up yesterday at work, so we had to come in late this morning (9:30am), so I got up and ran around Herne Bay.  MAN is that the nice part of town!  Right along the water, gorgeous houses, big, spacious... I mean wow.  I'd totally live there to, though I think thats impossible price-wise.  But it was a nice run.  The clouds were kind of ominous, but it didnt end up raining.  Perfect weather to run.  Ran a little over 8k which felt awesome.  Stopping a bit along the way to check my map to see where I could go.  Then headed home, rushed to get ready to go, and ran out the door.  Made it just after 9:30, and just in time for our team meeting.  Which went well.  Nickelodeon is SUPER stoked with the work that we are putting out it sounds like.  And they are being very complimentary.  SO HAPPY!  Sounds like we do it better than anyone else they have worked with thus far in the animation sector.  Stoked!  SO that was nice.  Got a couple of comments on things we need to do better, and then headed off to get on with our day. 

Today was kind of slower than I wanted it today.  Kyle and I got to chatting, and then Amy and I caught up a bit, Bobby as well.  Got an email from Mom too.  They're sending me Christmas gifts!  YAY!  It was nice, really nice to talk to them.  I just wish the timing was better because I end up talking instead of working!  No good.  I will be stopping this habit.  I did get a lot done today I feel like though.  I think Im going to get more in the habit of switching between shots more often throughout the day.  Touch on more shots than spending the whole day on one.  I think it gives a nice change up, plus then you're not staring at the same thing forever.  So I did get a decent amount done.  Still SO much to do though. 

Left a bit early again too to get to a Kickboxing introductory class.  It was alright.  Unfortunately its pretty pricey to join up, and you have to commit for 6 - 12 months, so I don't think I can do that.  I am considering getting a gym membership, but I think I'll wait til Kyle gets here to see better what our financial standing will be, as to whether or not I can afford it.  Don't want to get too far into commitments, especially if we're searching for another place to live.  Who knows where that will be. 

After our little Kickboxing Demo, Kate and I headed off to get some sushi for dinner and hung out.  Kate is awesome.  We get along really well, and I enjoy her company for sure.  Glad we're getting to know eachother more as time goes on.  Excited about some workouts too.  We got a soccer ball for our office, so I think we're going to try to make that a regular summer habit after work, going to run around.  Some guys in teh studio know martial arts too, so we're going to see if we can get them to take us out and teach us some things once a week too.  Just lots of stuff to keep everyone active.  I LOVE it.  Can't wait to get back into Tris too.  Anxious for Kyle to get here so I have a regular workout partner too.  :-)  And the water is getting warmer, so we'll be able to go out and swim open water soon!  WAHOO!  Good things.  Mom and G are shipping my bike in January (which they are SO awesome for), and we're trying to figure out how Kyle can ship his as well.  I cant wait to join some riding groups in the area, and learn to ride on the L side of the road.  Should be awesome!  *sigh* so many things to look forward to!  I like it :-D

Alright, off to be a bit more social.  Maybe I'll draw something....

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