Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec 3, 4, 5th

Ahhh Friday.  Friday is great.  Slept in a little bit (by a little bit I mean til 6am), and headed on my way to work.  Nothing too exciting, but I DID manage to power through quite a bit of my work.  Got all of my snake shots approved in Secondary (AWESOME), and really all of my other shots except for 2.  And they were the two that have now become the most challenging, so I knew I wouldnt get those through.  Still one shot not finished thats hanging over my head, but its all good.  Im mostly caught up!  So happy.  And I didnt go in this weekend, which is always nice.

So Friday we did the typical office happy hour...gotta love that time of the day / week.  Then a group of us headed down to Sale Street bar for Mercedes' birthday.  Man that place is pricey!  Note to self: never ever order a cocktail at a bar in Auckland.  $16 for an appletini.  HA!  No thanks.  I'll stick to beer and wine next time.  Ah well, I should have known, but live and learn.  At least it was good!  haha.  So a group of us chilled there for a bit, and then around 9 or so I headed home.  Nia and Terry had gotten some movies, including Karate Kid and Shrek, the 4th one.  I came home in the middle of Karate Kid, and then was so excited to watch Shrek.  But then I started falling asleep!!!!!  Hahah.  Omg so tired.  So I went and passed out around maybe 12 or 1am.  Man, I needed that.

Woke up Saturday and did a P90X Plyometrics workout.  Im not happy with my current state of fitness so I decided to start changing it.  Man, that workout kills!  I did an abs work out as well, so that was a good way to start the day.  I had intended on going out to Mission Bay to lay on the beach and read for the afternoon, but I had to go check out an apartment (no good either) and then Nia and Terry were going to get groceries, so I figured ok, I will tag along, and go to the beach Sunday.  Turned out to be a nice day too, thought it was going to rain in the morning!  Anyway, got some of our produce going, and headed back here.  That took most of the afternoon up.  So, determined to go and spend some more time outside, I headed on down to Grey Lynn park with my blanket and my book.  Spent a couple hours there.  Im still just wiped out from the past two weeks.  Wanted to sleep more than read my book!  Haha.  So I got in a little of both.  Hung out down there for a good 2 hours or so, and then headed back to the house to get prepared for the evenings party.  My coworker Javier was throwing a party at his apartment, and invited everyone from work. 

I ended up going alone, no one else from my immediate friends was really interested.  Turned out to be quite a bit of a walk too!  He's all the way downtown, almost into Parnell.  Yeesh!  So about 45 minutes after I started walking, I finally got there.  And DUDE...the guy has a WICKED apartment!  Omg.  He said it took him months of searching to find it, but he has some NICE digs!  Two floors, quiet off the street, but still downtown.  The rooms are huge, and very modern.  Huge bathroom, etc.  Man, it was amazing.  Jealous!!!!!!  Hopefully Kyle and I find something decent.  Im crossing fingers... Im starting to get discouraged because of the cost of things.  Hopefully we will find something..

Anyway, so the party turned out alright, hung around for around 2 hours, Warren, Pete, Rob and some more people showed up as well.  Hung out and chatted with them a while.  I thought there would be more people from work there, but only a few, so it was nice that they showed up.  Around midnight, the party was kind of shutting down anyway because of noise level (they agreed I guess with their neighbors to be curteous and quiet after midnight), and Warren offered me a lift with them when Myke came to take he and Pete home.  Of course, I don't want to walk home alone in the middle of the night, so I headed off with them.  Myke and Warren crack me up.  Great guys.  And they've been so friendly to me.  It was great getting a ride and hanging out with them a little.  :-)  So I get home, and expect it to be all rowdy and stuff... and only the two Chilean boys were home!  haha, drinking Pisco and cola!  So funny.  So they offered me some, and we all hung out again drinking and talking.  Headed to bed around 2am.  Haha! 

The next day, I decided I was going to get up and go to the beach early.  I was SOO sore from that workout on Saturday, so it was nice to walk around.  I sunscreened up and headed downtown.  Of course, as Im walking what happens?  It starts to RAIN!  Ugh.  I had checked the weather too before I left.  Fail.  Oh well, so I decided to take care of some Christmas shopping along the way.  Spent some time in the Victoria Park Market, which was actually pretty nice!  More affordable stuff, and some neat trendy things.  Got a few gifts there, and continued on downtown.  I was debating between just sucking it up and hanging out at Albert Park once the rain subsided, or paying for a bus to go all the way to Mission Bay.  So since I couldnt decide, I went into the Look Sharp store and got myself a little Christmas tree for my desk at work.  It even has little lights!  hehe. 

Fortunately, once I was done there, the rain was starting to subside.  YESS.  And the sun TOTALLY came out, so I high-tailed it to a bus and headed to Mission Bay.  Around 1pm or so.  I set out my blanket, and layed in the sun on the beach reading my book for a good 3 or 4 hours.  Man I loved it.  There were some rowdy kids around, but whatever.  LOVED being on the beach.  I think next time I'll go one beach further to get away from some of the crowd.  It was fun to people watch though.  I got a nice tan too!  Man, it doesnt take much over here with the sun being so strong.  No, I did NOT burn, and I am very proud of that :-D.

Headed back around 6 or so, and ended up watching tv and hanging out with everyone at the house.  It was kind of nice :-). 

All in all, a good weekend.  Now to figure out how to send these Christmas gifts!

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