Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20th

Ok...So this is just a quick post....  I know I've been slacking.

So today I bought a Christmas tree downtown.  And ornaments and all that.  Its gorgeous!  Set it up in the living room, and it made me really happy just to have that.  But... I set it up by myself.  Which is fine, I just wanted to have it... but Ive always set up a Christmas tree with someone else....Nia and Josie were there, but it was me doing the setting up.  It was weird not doing it with family... and without there being... I duno... a bigger deal made out of it.  I was SO excited just to have a tree!  its pretty big too! 

And then, later tonight, Nia and I rented the movie "Fred Claus."  I thought it was going to just be a cute, funny movie about Christmas, and it was.  But what I didn't realize......... was just how homesick it would make me.  It actually made me cry at the end.. and I just couldn't hold it back.  Seeing all the scenes of families on Christmas Day spending time together and all so happy... made me really miss home on Christmas.  I know its just one year, and that everything is fine, and that Kyle will be here soon.  And I'm sure I'll get to talk to my family.  But... it really does make me sad that I wont be there.  I love Christmas.  Even when theres drama on Christmas... I still love it.  I love seeing everyone happy.  And enjoying their company.  Getting the house all clean and decorated for Christmas and family to come over.  I will always love that.  It made me a little sad today... telling Nia and Josie (who was hanging out with us too, shes from Germany, and heading back there tomorrow) about how Mom and I used to set up the Santa House every Christmas together.  Spending the afternoon bringing things up from the basement and spending the time to fix up the house... put everything where it should be.  Listening to Chrismas music... and just spending time TOGETHER.  I love that.  ANd I always look forward to it.  it's a lot of work..... but man do I love it. 

So yes, I am sad that I don't get to do any of that this year.  I know that in the past I havent celebrated Christmas at home the whole time... but I still got to be part of it every year.  Its different being so far away, and knowing that I can't be home this time.  And that I wont be for a while. 

Sorry to be a bit of a sap... but it made me kind of sad tonight when I realized just how much it meant to me every year to be with my family during the holidays.  Even just Mom and Gary and Evan.. spending the time shopping, setting up...

Yea, I miss home right now.  :-(

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  1. We miss you too, Katie! Christmas won't be the same this year without you. We will definitely talk on Christmas Eve (day for you) and I know you'll be happy to have Kyle there with you by then. Remember--it's just one day, but you're family will be with you forever! We love you sweetie, Aunt Mary