Thursday, December 30, 2010

SO much happening!!! HOLIDAYS!

So Kyle has been here about 6 days now, and things are great.  Learning to live together (not that we arent used to spending long periods of time together or anything), and exploring the city.  Getting things set up for him over here too.  Hes applied to A LOT of jobs, and I am REALLY hoping he finds one.  Theres one company, Blue Barn, that sounds amazing, and I think he would be perfect to work there.  Heres hoping! 

Sorry I havent been on top of this by the way, work got really busy before the holidays, and then I got two days off before holidays, and spent that time running around getting ready for Kyle to come.  Organizing, etc.  Now we're planning some trips!  Well, starting anyway.

Just a breif update.  I'll start at Christmas: 

We had a nice Christmas.  Kyle got in on Christmas Day around 6am.  I got myself to the airport bus that morning to go and meet him.  I was SO anxious!  His flight wasn't stellar, Delta were total asses and charged him a ton of money for stupid things, but at least he got here safe.  We hopped a shuttle home, which took us to our doorstep (awesome!), and got Kyle settled a bit.  Then, off we went!  Walked down into town, stopped by my office to see some people and show him my office (since I had the day off and some people were working just til lunch).  Then headed downtown for a little bit to give him an idea of the city.  It was a nice day!  Went to the grocery store with Nia and Terry to get some food and whatnot as well.  He was able to stay up too until around 9pm that night.  I was pretty impressed! 

Christmas turned out nicely.  WAY different than home, and I got a bit emotional because we weren't home... I missed my family a lot.  But we got to web cam chat with them on their Christmas! 

Kyle and I woke up on our Christmas Day, and had the house to ourselves for a couple hours while everyone else was sleeping.  Sat around the tree and opened presents from one another (yes, I got a 5ft tree and decorated it before he came :-D), and that was really nice.  Kyle...I swear... he ordered me ALL the McDonald's toys from the Penguins of Madagascar SHOW!!!  They dont sell merchandise for the show yet because it hasnt been on all that long yet, but I swear, he got me two of each penguin!!!!!  Omg.  Who would have thought of that!  Made me so happy!  Im the first person in the office to have any official stuff from the show!  SO COOL!  He also got me the Vibram 5fingers shoes, so I can start walking around town in those, and hopefully start running with them.  We took them on a quick jog the other day in the rain (which was awesome) and they feel great to be honest.  Walked around town in them too and I really like them.  Take some getting used to, but excited to use them. 

I got Kyle tickets to Nitro Circus for the two of us in February, Track side seats, and some other knicknacks from New Zealand.  Candy and whatnot too.  :-D  We had a really nice morning.  His family gave me some great gifts too!

Then we Skyped with my Family on their Christmas Eve, and it was sooo great.  Made me happy to see everyone, and sad of course that I wasn't there.  But definitely made the day better!  We opened the gifts from Mom and Gary that they had sent too, and let me tell you, we got some good stuff!  I got some DVDs, a new ipod touch that I can SKYPE ON, some cute shirts, and my Animation Mentor Timbuk2 bag that I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about!!  Omg the thing is great, and I got signed thank you cards (3 of them) for each friend of mine that I recommended to the school, and that had finished class 1!  So neat :-D  So that was nice.  It was so great to open presents with everyone together, and just SO cool that you can DO that over the internet from so far away!

After all the excitement, and some tears, we made breakfast and just kind of hung around.  We had gotten a big ham and some veggies / potatoes to make the day before, so we went on a search for some brown sugar to make a glaze.  EVERYTHING is closed here on Christmas though, and the place was like a ghost town.  But we were able to find a little mini mart that had some things we needed.  So we came home, Christmas DVDs in hand as well, and started cooking.  Kyle and I made a glaze for the ham and I made the mashed potatoes just like mom does (sour cream and milk... yum!).  Nia made the veggies, and Terry made dessert.  Got some wine too.  And then once food was ready, Everyone sat down to eat!  Nia, Terry, Ernesto, Alvaro, me, and Kyle.  It was nice.  The food was great, and it was a pretty nice alternative to Christmas at home.  Better than nothing!  The Christmas tree was on in the background and all that.

After dinner and dessert, we watched A Christmas Carol.  Awesome looking movie, but unfortunately Kyle and I just CRASHED during it.  So we headed to bed before everone else.  Probably still late though.  Next day we were hanging around the house and then Skyped with Kyle's Family.   It was harder to talk to them because of our internet connection failures,  but still nice that we could see them.  Saw Zoey too, and it sounds like she is doing ok.  I feel bad, we miss having pets over here. 

So, that was Christmas! 

Over the past couple days its been wandering the city, running some errands, and trying to figure out what to do for the New Year.  I want SO BADLY not to be here for the New Year (in our house).  SO luckily after much debate and research, we have rented a room in a Bed and Breakfast at Piha Beach to spend the night and celebrate the New Year.  We rented a car, so we will be learning to drive on the other side of the road as of tomorrow morning *eek!*, and hopefully having a nice dinner and enjoying the beach. 

So far so good in New Zealand!  We can't WAIT to move though!  SO looking forward to that new place!!!!!!!!

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