Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Biking, anyone?

Haha, ok, so I didn't run Monday, but I definitely biked today.  I was tired too!  Not sure why, I didn't do anything over the weekend really.  Our surfing trip kinda got messed up, so we didn't even do that (we did hang out at Muriwai for the afternoon though, so that was fun).

Anyway, so Im going to give this a go....  I have two weeks before Marathon training officially begins, so I am going to attempt 3 bike rides this work week.  1 down... two more to go.  Im going to ride with a new group tomorrow, and Im kind of looking forward to it.  A little nervous, as you never know what kind of pace they're going to do... or what kind of HILLS they're going to throw you into... but Im hoping that I can keep up.  I can definitely keep up now (for the most part, I get dropped on a lot of the hills), with Bike 75, and I hear this new group is about the same pace, so lets see. 

5:00am comes early though...... and its 9:30, and I haven't even eaten dinner yet!  Ugh.  This happens to us a lot... we get home, we usually make dinner first, but tonight we kind of came home and started doing bills, and other work that had to be done.  Ah well, bills got to be paid, right?  Haha. 

Doing some graphic work too that Im trying to stay on top of.  I gets hard when your day gets long, and you don't want to be on the computer after work.  But its good.

We no longer have Gmail at work anymore... so I'll have to start replying to my friends emails (which Im WAY behind on already... I feel like I catch up, then get behind all over again), after work, and be motivated.  Haha.  So far... so good.

I think this coming month or so is going to be about......... NOT procrastinating.  SO far Im doing really well at that at work... now I need to put it into every day life.

This Marathon certainly isn't going to run itself..... and the bills won't pay themselves either.....   ;-)  The joys of being an adult.

At least the money I save in paying my bills early (yes, they do that here), means I get to take more trips!  WOOHOO!  ;-) 

Mk, time to make dinner...........  Wish me luck on getting out the door for this ride tomorrow.

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