Monday, June 6, 2011

It's been 15 years...


Right this minute, I wish I was at home.

Today, it's been 15 years since my father's funeral. And I almost forgot.

It's so weird being over here, with the seasons different, and the places and people...time and events get away from you. But mom definitely didn't forget. It sucks...she was home alone today, and remembered that sad day. How could she forget? I wish I had been there.

Instead though, we had a little conversation over how grateful we are, at least for each other, our relationships with each other and our families, and where we are in our lives, despite the bad things that may have happened in the past. How grateful we are for the people that care for us in our lives, and those we care for in return. For the futures we have ahead of all of us, too.

Life is fact, its REALLY good...and I think sometimes I need to be more grateful of how good it really is. Because time is short, and you never know what life might bring next.

Love you Mom.

And I love you Dad, and I miss you.

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  1. Love you Honey!! Your Dad would be extremely proud of you!

  2. Katie, Can't tell you how much I love you, Evan and your mom. I miss your dad too--but I know that he's very proud and so happy that you are the incredible woman that you are. You mom is on her way to the beach right now and we'll have a great time hanging out with her, nana and uncle Steve for a few days. Wish you and Kyle were here! Much love to both of you!!