Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random afternoon in Devonport

Soooo we were going to go surfing today, but the weather and surf forecast didn't quite make that very appealing. SO instead, we got a late and lazy start, and headed to Devonport to check out a WW2 post. It was pretty epic. Networks of tunnels all throughout this massive volcanic cone land mass. Huge old cannons and guns, as well as a stellar view of Auckland right across the water.

I also learned that Bastian Point, this nice little area that we often ride up to at the end of our group morning rides, was the other side of a lookout post across the water from where we were. There was a mine field, we discovered, that spanned all the way across the water there. Pretty cool! They tried to keep enemy ships and whatnot out of the harbour using those, as well as a huge net that they put across the water in the same spot. Nifty.

Anyway, we enjoyed exploring the area, in and out of underground rooms and tunnels, back out to the view. Really cool. Kyle took most or the photos, but I took just a few.

Pretty cool for a random afternoon excursion. We spent about two hours there.

Then we went around Devonport in search of some food, and enjoyed a little happy hour at one local spot. They apparently have a really nice looking breakfast menu, so well have to come back one morning and do breakfast. :) we enjoyed some beer, wine, and wedges.

Then we went elsewhere in search of actual dinner, cause that place was pretty pricey. We ended up eating at a local pub, which had some of the best service we've had at a restaurant! Kyle got a massive burger and I got a salad after having those wedges. Awesome food. I took some fun photos too....

:). Good times!

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