Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wasted wednesday

Hilight of my evening (besides seeing and spending time with mr Kyle :) who brought cake from his office home to share).....

GREEN mashed potatoes!!!!!!

That's right, green! Yes, I made them. I heard Michael, FOREVER ago, say something about how she put an avocado in mashed potatoes instead of butter, because it created the same creamy texture without the unnecessary calories. SO, I finally had an avocado, and an excuse to use it in potatoes! YUM.

Also, they are a mix of kumaras and regular potatoes, so not only are they green and avacado-y, but they're also a little sweet. :). Awesome! Very proud I remembered that. And thanks Michael for the suggestion!

Great ending to a frustrating day. Just wasn't motivated for some reason. Still got some substantial work done, but not like I had intended. Of course, I finally get engaged in what I'm doing toward the end of the day. oh well. Tomorrow is another day :) which will start off with another bike ride :).

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