Wednesday, June 29, 2011

S is for Surfing... and coincidentally Summer too...

Haha, ok, so over the weekend a group of us went surfing again from the office.  Around 14 of us were there this time.  And let me tell you... its now officially winter here in NZ.  Granted that doesn't mean its NEARLY as cold as it would be at home.. but it still gets cold!

Needless to say, everyone wanted to go anyway.  Im not all the stellar at surfing, so I just went and rented a wet suit to body board with Kate while everyone else went surfing.  Thank GOODNESS we had winter wet suits on... cause it was EFFING COLD.  Apparenly wind chill made it like... 50 or something?  Maybe cooler?  Not sure... but NOT the weather Id want to be in the ocean in.  Thankfully it was sunny out for the most part.  We had a good time all in all, but I think that'll be the last time I go in winter.  Kyle seemed to be fine, Pierre as well, but MAN Kate and I were cold!  haha.  Too much for us.

So it was a good weekend all together.  I woke up that same morning and went to do my 10k before we hit the road to surf.  It was a great run.  Hard at the start, but ended well.  Im running some fast miles these days!  I duno if its because ive been riding just about twice a week on average, or its the walking to work, or all of the above... but Im definitely faster.  I was doing some 8:30 miles for about a mile or two straight, and feeling really solid.  Only problem is: I seem to have acquired some ankle pain.  Its been hurting after a few runs now, or toward the end, but I kind of let it go as one of those just nagging "this will go away later" pains (which sometimes happens).  But no... I can run about a solid 3 miles before it really starts hurting, and Monday, after the run the day before, my ankle was KILLING me.  So I bought a support brace, and fingers crossed it helps.

Skipped the run Monday because of it, but still rode yesterday.  STRONG ride too, I felt good, and Im getting faster on the bike too.  The group definitely pushes me to go harder.  Got to run a short 5k tonight though, so fingers crossed it goes ok.  Then on to biking Thurs, running Fri, and another run Sat.

Marathon training FTW... hoping it goes well.  Im failing at morning runs these days.  So it'll be after work.  Gotta get up early Friday though!  :-)

Alright, back to work.

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