Monday, June 6, 2011

Spontaneous sunday

I love spontaneous days, and today definitely turned into one! Thank goodness the rain cleared from yesterday and actually left us with a really clear, sunny warm day.

About 9am we got up and headed to the Avondale market. Love it there, the place is huge! Like a big outdoor garage sale almost...or flea Market. Lots of new and used stuff for cheap. Kyle and I like going there, grabbing a coffee and wandering around. They have lots of locally grown fruits and veggies too, as well as a guy who makes fresh bread. So we got some fresh bagels, a couple loaves of bread, and a bunch of produce. Avocados (one of my new favourite things, I can cut them up and just eat them straight!), kiwis, and persimmons. Good stuff!

After finishing our round, and our coffees, Kyle suggested we head out to Titirangi and just see what's out there. Haha we saw this on the start of our walk:

He has a job out there with his office too, so we went over to check out the slip they are repairing. New Zealand has quite a few slips overall it seems like, all of the mountains and the rain it gets.

Anyway, this is what he is working on now:

Crazy, huh? So that is what he does at work! Well, sort of. :).

After checking out the slip, we hiked a short bit up to the top of.... I can't remember what it's called... But it had a fantastic view of Auckland. See!

You can see the sky tower...kind of

Cool, huh! Sorry the photos aren't amazing, I didn't have he camera, but the iPod was with me.

Well, we were hungry after that little hike, so we went to find where the locals ate. On our way to find lunch, we also found THIS guy just chillin in the parking lot!

How cool is he?! Huge too!

Anyway, we found this great little cafe that was serving EPIC a BOWL. Kyle was all over that, so we got some!

Kyle's always happy with his coffee! Haha awesome.

After finishing those off, plus some grilled sandwiches, we took a drive to check out some more of the area, particularly the waterfront :)

Some of the homes out there are EPIC. And they have the steepest driveways ever!

It's like a freaking WALL! Crazy. Anyway, through he windy roads an neighbourhoods, we came across THIS

SO off we went to hike around!

This tree made it's Mark right trough the sand stone!

Awesome. We had a great time. I love days like this!!

Soon after, we headed home and went off for an evening run. It was really nice, but definitely going to be sore after it! Good end to the day.

Vancouver won in the hockey game we watched after dinner too! Haha, I liked their uniforms so I wanted them to win. Shhhhh! :)

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