Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Friday

Well, yesterday was a pretty good day. Got two of my longer shots on this episode finished. I could have finished all of my longest shots, but i just wasn't in the mood to get into working with the bees, so luckily my other shots got assigned and I did a few of those. Only have a solid 750 frames left for next week. Not bad! :).

Anyways, end of the day went well, and we saw a screening of the finished Robot and Monster episode during happy hour. Then hung around the office chillin with people until Kyle picked up Kate and I.

We dropped Kate off, and headed out to a spontaneous dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant down the street. It was REALLY really good. Veal Marsala, with red wine, and then tiramisu for dessert :). Yum!! When we finished, Kyle mentioned going to check out the local piano bar up the street, so off we went.

Awesome fun. Two guys playing the pianos and singing some great music. Elton John, Eric Clapton, Eagles, etc. Everyone was up and dancing by the end. I was trying to get Kyle up to dance, but he wasn't feeling it. Next time, he won't have a choice. Haha. Anyway we had a great time. Then as we are leaving, one of the pianists was outside with his wife, and they struck up a little conversation with us. Really nice people. So we will definitely going back! :)

Good times.

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