Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funny things about New Zealand (Auckland at least):

-A red pepper is a Capsicum.
-A pickle is a Gherkin.
-Oatmeal is Porridge.
-A “restroom” is just considered a “toilet.”
-It is common for people walk around barefoot.  This includes at the grocery store and down the street. 
-It is legal to drink alcohol in parks and on beaches, as well as on the street, as long as there is no “liquor ban” sign posted (these do exist).
-“Sweet As” means “cool.”
-A “Paper” is actually a “Class” in University
-Ketchup is called “Tomato Sauce”.
-Cheddar Cheese is called “Tasty Cheese”
-In a restaurant, water is not served with ice.
-In their money, cash only goes to $5, and coins are in denominations of $1, $2, $0.50, $0.20, and $0.10.  There is nothing smaller than $0.10.
-Their money is not made of cotton, but some kind of synthetic material that doesn’t really rip, and doesn’t get wet.  It’s also very pretty.
-The New Zealand dollar is just that: a New Zealand Dollar.
-To use an outlet, you need to flip a switch that allows power to flow to it.
-Beer is far more expensive than Wine.
-Any name of a place that begins with a “Wh” is pronounced with an “F” sound.
-Rent is paid weekly.
-Two weeks is considered a Fortnight. 
-Dial-up internet still exists.
-When you install internet, you are charged per GB of download / usage.
-In Auckland, 20% of the population is Asian.  It is very apparent, as there are Asian food markets and restaurants EVERYWHERE.
-$17 for lunch is normal (per person), and $25 + for dinner is normal (in Auckland.)
-This area is very environmentally conscious.  They recycle everything, the toilets all have water-conserving buttons on them, and the outlets have switches to conserve electricity.
-There is no heat or air conditioning in ANY living place.  Or hotel for that matter.
-Movies are almost a year behind in release dates.  I can still see Avatar in the movie theatre, as well as Inception. 
-DVD’s cost $35.00, where a DVD player only costs $30.
-A common bottled water brand is called “Pump.”
-They drink espresso, not coffee.
-Starbucks still exists, but most things taste different.
-A “flat white” is espresso with milk, and a “long black” is espresso with more hot water.  Closer to a typical coffee.
-Corn Syrup doesn’t exist here, as well as a lot of other food additives (high fructose corn syrup as well).  Foods are overall more organically made.
-The yolk of an egg is actually orange, not yellow.  As it’s supposed to be.
-Their main export is dairy… not wool.
-Words are spelled with “ou,” like harbour, colour, labour, etc.
-Yogurt is spelled “Yoghert.”
-Jewelry is “Jewellry”
-Aucklanders are very laid back for the most part, until they are behind the wheel of a car.
-A Highway is a “Motorway.”
-A Cell Phone is a “Mobile.”


  1. New Zealand sounds a lot like the UK - at least in terms of things like spelling and the words we use for stuff.

  2. Officially the best post ever. I must visit now.