Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov 14th.

Ahhh Sunday morning.  The courtyard is full of cigarette butts and broken glass beer bottles.  Stellar.  Yea, this is not for me.  Went out to put laundry in and was very glad to be wearing sturdy sandals. 

Ugh.  Text a woman today about looking at an apartment.  She said she would let me know what day / time would work with the tenants who live there now so I can take a look at it. 

Its been quiet around this morning.. the kitchen is a MESS, but I just cleaned up some of it.  Everyone else can clean the rest, I wasn't part of it.  I've decided Im not participating in sharing toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom anymore either.  Im the only one who uses the bathroom, and since its on the main floor, when the neighbors have parties, everyone uses our downstairs bathroom... so then I wake up with no toilet paper.  Not cool.  Im keeping my own.  haha.  Sheish, I sound bitter!  I am a bit though.  This is ridiculous. 

Anyway, Im not sure what to do with myself today.  I need to go into work, but Im not sure if I can, or if anyone is there.  I also need groceries.  Im starting to gain weight I think.... which is not cool.  Ive been walking all over the city, but then again Ive had a very carb-heavy diet since its cheaper to eat pasta and sandwiches all the time.  I need to change this.  Hopefully I will be able to.  I have an extensive grocery list.  And I hate going grocery shopping.  It's just a hassle. 

Well, I guess I should do soemthing.. I did laundry, but its already 12 now, and I kind of want to go just lay in the park for a while.  But I really should go into work.  Maybe I'll check and see if anyone will be around...  though Im supposed to chat with Kyle via web cam around 1pm (my time).  At least I can do that now!  Thank goodness!!!  Oh man it feels so good to have internet again.  it will make my apartment search easier, thats for sure.

Ok, time to go be more productive.. after catching up on all my late Blog posts!! 

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