Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov 13th

Mk… just a touch hung over today.  Ok, a little more than a touch.  Haha.  Woke up around 6, ate some food, drank water, and headed back to bed.  Guess I had a bit TOO much fun last night (though Im not sure that is possible).  I had to get up though because Ngaire was swinging by to pick me up around 8:30 to take me to Piha beach.  I was SO excited for this, though I do wish I had been able to sleep just a tad longer.  Haha. 

Now, let me just say that since I have been here, I have not really left the city at all.  And man, do I need to leave the city more often!!!!!  Piha Beach is about 40 minutes outside of the city… and is absolutely stunning.  Its like a little beach town sitting in these huge mountains, and an enormous stretch of black-sand beach. 

Theres a massive rock called Lion Rock sitting just off the shore in the sand.  And I mean, its like a mini-mountain in itself.  Ngaire took me out there, and the two of us went wandering the beach, picking up shells (as I always do), and exploring some of the wildlife.  There are rocks down at one end of the beach where HOARDS of mussels attach to it.  So neat.  We were there at low tide, so we were able to walk through some of the rocks for a bit.  I almost got stranded though as the tide starts to roll in on some of the lower rocks.  Woops!  Haha.  The water seemed to be following me around. 

I was just flabbergasted at the scenery out there.  THIS is what I had pictured New Zealand to look like.  Ngaire took me on a little mini hike in our bare feet up this dirt trail in the trees.  Talk about a VIEW from up there.  I could spend all day in this place.  And she said there are miles of other trails to check out in the same area up in those mountains.  It’s the Waitakere Mountains.  Gorgeous.  Seriously breathtaking.  I will be returning to this place, one way or another.  I gotta find out if a bus goes out there…

The drive itself was spectacular too, it looks like a jungle, as Ngaire put it.  Narrow roads, and windy as well.  Through the mountains, and just TONS of vegetation.  Its my new favorite place.  Haha.  I was telling Ngaire I seem to find a new favorite place the more I explore.  I liked Mission Bay a lot, and then Albert Park was a favorite, and now Ive seen Piha, and that is BY FAR the favorite.  Ngaire used to live out there for a little bit… I could definitely do that.  Haha.  Beach town.  No real merchants or anything though, its about a 20 min drive to groceries and stuff, and of course 40 min to downtown, but just so beautiful.  I loved it.

So after that, we headed back, and I went out to run errands with Terry and Nia.  Needed some more stuff for the house (finally got some more pillows, a duvet, and more hangers, yeesh!), and it was just a beautiful day to be outside.  So that was productive.

Headed to the Warehouse on my own to get some last minute things, and found another discount store (my favorite!) in the city.  Then, I was contacting people about plans for the night, and I had totally forgotten about the Rugby League game that night!  Mercedes picked me up around 8:30 and we headed to the Cock and Bull pub in New Market to watch the game.  It was me, Mercedes, Cristina, and Nick.  Good times.  Kiwis won!  What a great game.  I love Rugby. 

I was supposed to go out afterward with the housemates to check out Casset, where Terry works downtown, but I was just SO tired after the game, that all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  SO badly.  Unfortunately, the house had other plans.  Mercedes dropped me off, and all I hear is loud pounding music.  Great.  Another party next door, just what I needed.  Yea, I am moving out of this place for sure, as soon as possible.  I put earplugs in, and turned on the fan and tried to go to sleep.  Its just obnoxious cause no one cares if you’re sleeping, they’re all drunk and slamming doors, helling and screaming and whatnot.  I found out later apparently I could call noise control on them after 10pm, but who wants to be the one doing that?  I don’t know.  Hopefully a good place will come up soon.

Mercedes was talking about getting a house with her boyfriend… a 4 bedroom one.  And mentioned that I could possibly rent one of the rooms from her as well.  It would be out a little ways from the office, but we could all carpool.  That might be really nice actually.  So they are going to look at houses this coming weekend, and she will let me know.  Theres another apartment I saw up that’s in Kingsland, right in my price range and furnished too, that I am hoping to look at today.  We’ll see I guess.  That place isn’t available til the 28th anyway, so really, either one of those options will just take a little bit of time.  I guess I can deal with it a few more weeks.  Its just annoying not having control over when you want to sleep or do something.  I don’t know, I love people, and I get lonely when Im alone for long periods of time, but I just don’t like living with people who like to party it up and drink heavily all the time (and they all do).

Time to get crackin on finding that place….

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