Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 15th

Ahhh, a bit of a rainy morning this morning.  Haha, the Sky tower looks pretty cool in the fog! 

Had a good day today.  Even though it wasn't as productive as I wish it had been.  I LOVE our studio, its awesome, but sometimes I think we all chat a bit too much ;-)  At least I have headphones now though, so I can work a little bit better.  Got a new computer yesterday. 

Managed to get two shots in yesterday.  I also stayed for like, 12 hours... haha.  Almost anyway.  These shots with Savio are what I am really worried about, so I wanted to get another of the two that don't deal with him out of the way.  Although.. we noticed some substantial issues with the Savio rig.  His IK system is exactly that of the elephants... nothing follows what it should.  So this is definitely daunting, since I have some of the more dramatic flipping / swirling scenes with him.  Im hoping that they are even possible, because from what Peter was seeing, and what we were attempting, Im not so sure...  I guess we will see.  Peter send out a note it sounds like to Nickelodeon to see if there is either something in terms of rig usage that we are missing, or if there is any way to get the rig to be modified a bit.  Its just going to take HOURS... well, in this case probably days to get that rig to cooperate... so I may be eating, sleeping, and breathing work this week.  Hopefully its solvable... otherwise I have no idea if it will get done.

On the bright side, the shots with Julien will be interesting.  Gotta keep in mind that with him, the more animated the better.  We shall see!  Looking forward to it.

Also, we have started decorating our office!  Amnon brought in some plants for his desk, and I think thats a fantastic idea, especially since we get a lot of decent sunlight in the room.  He brought in a Peace Plant, sounds like they are easy to take care of, so I think I might get one myself :-D.  We started hanging posters too.  Its starting to look great.  Its getting crowded (we have a few new animators), but still great.  I was able to nab an Avatar poster too!  Chris walked in, and noticed we were putting them up and mentioned that Bruce (managing director of Oktobor) had just gotten a poster FROM WETA of the Avatar movie, and that I should go up and introduce myself (or well, re-introduce myself since I met him at hte party) and ask him if we could hang it in our office!  Sure enough, he's awesome and handed it right over!  Its up next to my desk :-D  I will have to take some photos of our epic office.  EVERYONE has a nurf gun now too.  I got one the other day, Sushil has one now, Amnon... its AWESOME.  What a great group to put into one room together. 

Anyway, after work, I headed home, but had to stop at the store first.  I have just about no food here at the house, so I went and got at least breakfast stuff... whatever I could carry pretty much.  I'll just be going to the store in shifts I think.  Warren also mentioned that for people that stay late, there are frozen meals somewhere for the staff at the office.  Hopefully I wont be there TOO late this week, but in case I am, at least I will be able to eat.  One more awesome thing about Oktobor.  I wasn't there alone either, even when I left at 8:30, Warren and Myke were just leaving, and Rob and a few others were still there.

Fortunately when I got home too it was quiet in the house.  Wahoo!  So I got to bed a tad early.  I was SUPPOSED to get up and run again.. but I just find myself SO drained in the mornings now.  Not sure why.  I have to make it happen sometime soon, though maybe this isn't the week for it with the shots I have.  Im SORE from Big Ups too!  Didn't expect it, but i guess we were playing soccer for quite a while, and running all over the place.  Haha.  Good times.

Alright, enough for now, later!

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  1. OMG how did me moving into the office not rate a mention?! I am DEVASTATED!! I'm your bloody stand in double for heaven sakes I should have got a whole paragraph!! :D
    See you at work tomorrow, you know if you happen to notice I'm there that is!!