Sunday, November 21, 2010

A little catching up to do.... again.

Well, I guess its a good thing that I havent been able to update the past couple days just from being busy!  Haha.  You all know me... I love being busy.  It makes that down time so much more valuable.  Well, lets get started.

The rest of Friday was great.  I was able to get not only all of my shots finished AND submitted, BUT I got through ALL of my revisions and notes too!  How AWESOME is that?!  So I left at the end of Friday (btw, I was done by like, 5:30 that night with all the work) with all of my shots in my task manager colored Green.  Green is goooood.  Green means go.  haha.  Throughout the day I bounced a couple back and forth to Myke, small changes each time.  I was nervous I wouldn't finish, but I got better reviews on my stuff than I had anticipated, so that was nice.

We even had a break for a nerf fight!  And let me tell you, it was an epic one.  During lunch, a bunch of the guys in the Assets team had gotten Nerfs because there was a massive sale going on at the Warehouse (the smaller ones we mostly all have are usually $25 I think, and they were on sale for $15).  Of course we see this happening as they walk in with their guns (they got the bigger ones too), so we immediately made an alliance with the group of Animators that sit on the opposite side of the office (Assets is in the middle..... a dangerous place to be!), and began scheming.  We got everyone rounded up, and fired a warning shot over to them.  And then it was ON!  We must have had a 20 minute nurf fight, Animators vs Assets.  SO much fun!  We outnumbered them hugely, because only like, 4 people had gotten nerfs, and we have probably 15 of us on the Animator side that have them!  WIN!  It was awesome.  SO much fun.  Apparently Im not a bad shot with a nerf either!  It actually went on so intensely and for so long that Fraser had to come out and call a cease fire, because apparently we were making too much noise for the people upstairs.  Lame.  AWESOME though. 

Once the end of the day came around, I was feeling really good about all those shots turning green as the "Trolley of Dreams" made its way around the office.  Beer and wine for all!  (Yes, this is ever Friday).  After the food and drink were consumed, I was just waiting on one more shot to be approved before heading home, so I hung around a while.  Finally, that last one was all set to go.. but I still stayed and hung out.  LOVE my office.  So we had yet ANOTHER nerf fight.  Awesome. 

Finally I packed up and was chatting with Warren who was also getting ready to go.  Then Myke came over, and gave me another "congrats on the great work" compliment (yay!), and then I told him that I was so excited because all my shots were done and approved... and he was like "really?!  All of them?!"  Apparently that is not common for someone on the newer end of things... and even people that have been there a while, to get ALL of their shots, and all of their revisions done by the deadline.  Especially since we only require 80% of the Primary Animated shots to be done before we submit it to Nick.  haha, AWESOME!  Apparently I am doing better than anticipated.... all around!  How epic is that!?  What a good feeling.  Man, the good things just keep coming at work.  Myke is just telling me to be confident, cause I have to say, when I got in in the morning, I was worried about getting everything done.  Apparently there was no need!  Next week will be interesting because I have been assigned to do now all of the Secondary on all of my previous Primary shots.  SO COOL!  Apparently that does not always happen either.  WOOHoO!  ROCKIN!

So, I ended up finally leaving the studio probably around 7:30 or so, and I walked back with Warren and Myke.  They are so great.  Had a nice little chat on our way home.  They took me a different way, which is great cause it might actually be quicker than the way I take now.  :-)  They're so nice.  I love the people I work with!  Then I got home, and it was a shockingly quiet evening for a Friday!  THANK goodness because I was wiped after such a long week. 


Saturday was a busy busy day.  I finally got up the motivation to go on a run around 8:30am, especially since now I can TELL I am gaining weight for sure (this stops now).  Ran around 3.5 miles or so, just went out around the neighborhoods.  I wanted to go out to Mt Eden, but I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere cause I ended up going away from it rather than toward it.  Either way, discovered some more shopping centers and stuff.  Then I came home, and rushed to get showered and dressed to go and view another apartment in Kingsland.  It was a bit more of a walk away than I thought, and I wasnt really sure where I was going.  So Im on my way, now granted, I didnt eat anything between run and walking to this apartment... so I get like, two streets away, TOTALLY running late, and I end up starting to feel REALLY faint.  My eyes went all nuts like I was going to pass out, I got dizzy, light headed, and my heart was RACING.  And I mean racing, like... I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  So I quickly sat down on the corner of the street in front of a convenience store to try to calm down.  Finally I felt ok, but debated turning home... and then decided to continue on.  I NEED another apartment, and they all get taken up really fast around here.

Anyway, so I kept going, and it was a hell of a walk!  A solid half hour.  TOO far from work... that'd be over an hour walk away!  It was an alright apartment anyway.  Nice size bathroom, good open living room, decent size bedroom, but the area just was not ideal.  Plus it had no internet connection installed, so I would have to do that separate... and the price was already a tad high for what I got.  So afterward, I headed home.  I still have the place as a back up, but I want to view another place in Parnell that is closer, and thats scheduled for Monday during my lunch break. 

So I headed home, got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an umbrella cause there were some massive dark clouds coming over, and set out again to head downtown.  Was going to try to catch one of our coworkers jumping off the sky tower, but the apartment viewing made me too late.  Ah well.  Headed downtown anyway... but as I left the house, I didnt even make it to the corner of the street before again, I got REALLY dizzy, and thought I was going to pass out.  This time, the racing heart was much worse.  I seriously thought I was experiencing a heart attack or something.  It was so weird, and so scary.  Especially cause I was alone, and no one knew where I was or where I was heading.  No good.  Finally it subsided, so I kept walking, but much slower, and relaxed.  Just kind of went on a stroll.  Text Ngaire to see what doctors were available and whatnot in case I had to go. 

I finally got downtown and got some food asap.  Called Mom as well, which was so nice to talk to her.  I told her what was happening, and she said it was probably a combination of the wrong diet (which is so true.  I have been eating WAY more carbs and less protein than I am used to), dehydration (also true, I drank probably 3 massive bottles of water that day), and low blood sugar.  Haha, makes sense since I hadn't eaten more than a PB&J sandwich when the episodes happened.  After I ate lunch I felt much better, and we chatted a bit.  Mom gave me a good grocery list, and was helping me kind of figure out what to do.  Im not so good about grocery shopping alone.  Never have been.  It was nice going with my roommates in college, I could kind of see the impression of what they were buying and making, and follow suit.  Haha, I dont have that here.  Anyway, I think I have it down now, I know what my problems are.  That was just SO scary. 

After that, I ran into Matt and Carla on Queen street, and they were headed to a shop... I can't remember the name of it now... but think like a Macys.  Nicer clothes, a little more expensive than what we're used to at home, but more affordable than usual I guess.  They were looking for a small Christmas tree since their families had sent them some ornaments in the mail.  So sweet!  I want a little Christmas tree!!!!  Haha, so I was there with them checking out ornaments, and I found this ADORABLE one that I got.  Not going to reveal what it is cause its for Kyle ;-)  But its awesome.  Now, I just need a tree.  But I am going to wait until I have an apartment.  So the goal is: new apartment before Christmas so I can decorate it, have a tree, AND make some kind of Christmas dinner.  Yes, you heard me: CHRISTMAS DINNER.  haha.  I have no idea how to do it, especially the whole turkey part, but how cool would that be?!  So yes, I must have these things.  If I can't be with my whole family on Christmas, I have to do it myself.  :-D

Anyway, then I headed back to the house to drop what was left of my food and my ornament, and try to make some of the Grey Lynn Festival.  Luckily I got about an hour of it... but SHEISH let me tell you... a festival like that is just an excuse for young people to get together in a big green field and smoke and drink until they drop.  Literally.  Cigarettes, weed, there were rock bands playing, booze EVERYWHERE.. obnixious teenagers.... omg.  New Zealand is WAY different from home (to me) in that respect.  I think its cause of the whole 18 yr drinking age and whatnot.  Ew.  Haha.  So it was....interesting to say the least.  I enjoyed walking through it a little bit, cept trying to avoid the drunkards stumbling everywhere.  There were big craft tents and stuff... wish I had gotten to go through those more.  I was with Alvaro and Ernesto though, and they wanted to go sit, so since we wnt as a group, I just ran thru them and went to sit.  Ah well.

Around an hour later, Mercedes came and picked me up to go to the Taste of Auckland festival.  That was interestng, and fun.  Much more low key.  Also much more expensive, but I got lucky because she had a friend working there who got us in for free.  We had to purchase "crowns" though to buy food and taste drinks, etc.  It was fun!  Lots of cheeses, wines, olive oils, everything.  We had a good time.  I got a re-usable coffee cup (in black and Lime Green!) with the crowns I had left over... and I LOVE it.  So me.  hahaha.  The girl who sold it too was like "ah Ive never seen that color combo before, I love it!'  :-)

After THAT, she dropped me off to meet Kate, Tiff and Matt for some food before seeing Harry Potter.  That was fun.  There were 10 of us from the office who met up to see the movie.  Love it!  I love the group, we honestly all have so much fun.  Thats exactly what I wanted to do that night.  Though I had been invited out by Ngaire, and I do wish I had been able to go to that.  I love her, that would have been fun.  But, I had already bought my tickets, so another time :-D. 

The movie was realy good.  I realized that apparently I have missed one or two of the movies before this one (woops!), but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.  After the movie, which ended around 11:30, I walked home since the buses had stopped.  Lame.  Haha, but it wasn't bad at all.  There are almost always people out and about on the way, so that was reassuring.  Made it home, and of course, people were out and being rowdy again.  I was so tired and ready for bed... but I just sucked it up and went outside to hang out anyway.  It was alright.  Caved and finally went to bed around 1:45 am.  Ugh.  Had an alright time, they're just kind of obnoxious and drunk.  Haha.  Thats all.  I did enjoy talking with a few people though.  :-)


Anyway, headed to bed, then slept in some this morning before searching for apartments... in bed :-).  Hehe.  The kitchen was an absolute wreck this morning, so I kind of waited in my room and did research until the hooligans came and cleaned it.  haha!  It worked!  Chatted with Andy for a bit, looked for some apartments, and then made myself some decent breakfast, and got ready to walk to the store.  Found this Asian Market that Nia had mentioned, and OMG ITS SO CHEAP!  I love it!  $40 for an epic amount of produce.  Fantastic!!!!!  So now the fridge is full of produce.  I still need more things (gotta get protein!), so Nia and Terry and I are going to head out to the store in a minute to finish the shopping.  Sounds good to me!  Been a chill Sunday.  We're going to make Carbonara tonight.  Looking forward to it. :-)  THESE are the things I like about living here.  The rest is just a neusance.

Anyway,  Im out.  LATER

Time to hit the store.  Later!

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