Monday, November 8, 2010

Funny things about NZ, Round II

-A Toyota 4Runner at home is a “Hilux Surf” here.
-A convenience store is called a “Dairy.”
-Sandals are called “Jandals” (Japanese Sandals).
-Sweatshirts are called “Jerseys.”
-A parking lot is a “car park.”
-Renting something is called “hiring.”  Car Rental = Care Hire.
-Car insurance is not required to drive or own a car.
-You write the date as: day / month / year
-Maori is pronounced “Mowry”
-The word Bed sounds like “bead”
-“How you going,” means “How are you doing?”
-You are not allowed to buy fireworks at any time in New Zealand unless it is Guy Fox weekend.  This is because New Zealanders are “hooligans.”  Which is completely true.
-A grocery store is a “Super Market.”
-The sun is a lot stronger here than at home because of the hole in the ozone layer above New Zealand.
-A post office is a "post shop."
-A yield is a "give way."


  1. That whole date-format thing throws me off EVERY time we get a file in from you all. What's even stranger is, because of the international date line, I occasionally work on files made tomorrow.

    Awesome lists BTW!

  2. Ah hahaaha thats so funny to think about! weird, isn't it?! haha.

    Glad you like them! I thought that would be a fun little element to add. This country is definitely... different. Great, but different :-). So when are you coming to visit?! :-P