Sunday, November 28, 2010

wow what a week

Update more later, I promise.  What an insane week its been.  I worked both Saturday and today, and all of last week (of course) just trying to stay on top of things.  Secondary Animation is a killer, and I am moving WAY too slow.....  But I caught up a little this weekend (still have way too much booked for this coming week with work), so hopefully I can get things finished up by Friday.

I think the big killer was that I was apartment hunting during all of my lunch breaks, so I lost almost 2 hours some days between getting to the place, looking at it, and then getting back.  UGH.  So thats not happening anymore... at least not in such a rush.  Talked to Kyle, and he said its alright, that we will look when he gets here.  I think thats better anyway because then he has a say on where we live.  Plus, it makes it easier on me, cause if he doesnt start working a job right away, he can search while I work.  We've started looking into options for a car too, which is kind of exciting.  Hopefully we can find something that has enough space that maybe we could camp out of it?  That would be cool.  We'll see.

So yea, lots going on.  Not much exciting during the week, I mostly worked a lot and hunted for apartments, but there will be an update coming soon none the less. 

Tired now, attempting to get some sleep.  Kira has two friends over who are staying the night... and maybe tomorrow night... and they're all up chatting loudly, like Kira does.  *yeesh*.  Anyways, ear plugs time!


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