Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 7th Much better day :-)

Nov 7th.

So today was better than yesterday in terms of how I felt.  Definitely slept in cause last night I was up pretty late.  Around 1 / 1:30am.  I went to that party next door, which involved stepping out MY front door.  I decided while I ate, that I was just going to be social.  So I made a salad, and saw that two of the guys were sitting outside at the table talking.  So I went up, and sat with them and started talking.  Ended up talking to them most of the night.  It was pretty nice!  Nice guys, pretty funny.  Definitely not people I would be friends with really… they all smoke, both had been into some pretty heavy drugs in the past, but we had some interesting conversation for sure.  One guy, Hamish, just a unique dude.  A bit of a risk taker.  He’s like, 10 yrs older than me, and was talking about how he used to deal drugs, race cars, and how he like, owns two businesses and works at a third.. crazy guy.  Who knows how much of that was true, but it was entertaining talking with him either way.  And Mark, who lives across the court yard, is hilarious.  He’s SO awkward.  It’s funny though.  You can tell he’s a good guy, but a tad short on people skills.  Lol. 

Anyway, so it was a fun night.  Unfortunately lots of cigarettes and weed was everywhere, and I have no interest in partaking in that, so I just had a couple of drinks and worked on just having a good time.  So the night was good overall really.  CRASHED at 1:30 am tho, SO tired.  This morning, I slept in, then took my sweet time getting dressed, and decided to head up to Ponsonby road to a little café that Mom and I had found when she was here.  Really cute place, REALLY good coffee (even tho it’s a tad expensive… $4 for a mocha coffee… yeesh!), and FREE INTERNET!  So I went, and bought my obligatory coffee, which was delicious, and used internet for like, 2 hours or more.  It was really nice!  It kicks you off about every 15 minutes, but then you just log back in and continue what you were doing.  Internet usage is SOOO weird here.  I don’t understand why they don’t just do it the way we do it.  Is it so hard to just pay a monthly fee and get as much internet as you want??  I swear.  Oh well, at least I have access at work if I have my laptop.  Haha. 

So I got to talk to Kyle for a bit, and video chat.  So nice to see his face.  I miss that boy.  He cracks me up.  I tried doing some research on how to get him here off of my Visa, but nothing was very clear, so I will be calling the immigration office tomorrow during lunch to see if I can talk to someone about what to do.  He has been looking for work, but for some reason a lot of the companies are telling him they want him to have a Visa already.  Which seems weird…because it doesn’t require anything of a company to sponsor you to get a Visa, but a letter saying you’ve been hired.  Seriously.  I did all of my stuff myself, I just had a letter proving I was employed.  Weird.  So I don’t know.  Since we’re not married and have never lived together, I’m not sure I can sponsor him to come over here.  You must have been together for longer than 12 months, be in a stable relationship, have been living together, and you must be able to prove it by either joint bank statements, or mail sent to both parties at one residence.  I wouldn’t be hard to fake, but still… I don’t know.  We will see I guess.  There are other options too.  He could come here just on his passport and stay for like, 3 months and look for work while he’s here.  I don’t know what its like trying to get a Visa though if you are IN NZ already.  No idea.  Its all complicated and stuff.  But we’ll sort it out.  I hope. 

Counting the days til Christmas… tis about 46 for now.  Hopefully that’s when I’ll get to see him again.  J  That would be an awesome Christmas. 

Anyway, after the coffee shop and doing a bunch of research there, (I was also looking for other apartments), I got a call from Matt telling me about a book sale going on downtown.  On that note, I packed up and ran home to drop my backpack, and caught a bus down to the Whitcoull’s on Queen street.  NO KIDDING they were having a sale!  It was like, you pick up a coupon on your way in the door, and you can use any combination of them.  SO, I got a novel (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, recommended by Gen I believe) for half off (it was $31, so I got it for $15), I got a cook book that was $40 for $20, and then a Calendar for next year for like, $5.  It was great!!!!  SO happy.  Now I have something to read at all those parks I want to hang out at.  So funny, I have never wanted a book to read so badly as when I have been here.  There’s just a lot to enjoy outside I guess.  I want to lay out in a park in the sunlight and just read a book.  Funny how I never really wanted to do that before. 

After that, I headed back to the house cause I was STARVING.  Turns out Nia and Terry came back from their weekend away, and they are great.  Really fun.  So they were sitting outside with two of their friends who came by to visit, and invited me to join them.  We all sat and talked and laughed for a while while I had some food, and they gave me one of the drinks they were having.  I found out too that two Chilean guys just moved into the last two open rooms as well.  They are very, very nice.  Thank goodness.  So the house is full.  All 7 of us.  It’s going to get interesting!  Haha.  But I had a really nice evening.  Sat and hung out with Kira, Nia, Terry, Scott, and the two guys are Alvaro and… ahh, I can’t remember the other one’s name!  Ah well.  Either way, we all had a good time.  The two of them went to bed early, and the rest of us stayed up talking.  Kind of reminded me a little of school.  Only in a much smaller space, with WAY different people.  But everyone gets along shockingly well.  Granted, its been like, 2 or 3 days, but still.  I think it will be good for a bit. 

One thing that I have noticed though about this place that I dislike, is that the floors seem to be really thin?  Whenever someone walks upstairs, its like BOOMING in my room.  Sucks.  Pretty sure this is just kind of a stopping point in places to live.  Its pretty quiet overall really, I mean last night around 1:30, others were still up and hanging out next door, but as soon as I closed the outer door, and the intermediate door (theres two I guess for noise), and then MY bedroom door, it was quiet.  The place is made out of like, big cinderblocks, kind of like our house at school, so its pretty good about regulating temperature and noise.  But the floors man… SUCK.  Meh, it is what it is.  I do have to say though, I am just grateful that I have the room mates I do.  They are all seemingly very mature, grounded, and chill people.  No one is crazy.  Next door man, they smoke pot inside their place like, EVERY day.  You can smell it outside.  Thank goodness they aren’t doing that here.  I appreciate that a lot.  And it’s nice since we’re ALL new, no one had any like, pre-formed groups or anything, we all met each other roughly at one time.  Good stuff.

Nia and I are going to ride the bus to work together tomorrow.  Its sweet how she wants to do that.  It was nice when she wanted to the other day too.  She’s just so friendly, and open.  Totally what I was hoping for.  So yea, overall, it’s not bad.  Just not where I want to live for the year I think.  I really do want to have my own little apartment.  Things that are just mine, or mine and my significant other.  I don’t know why, but I want that really bad.  So this is good for the meantime, settle in, start to be comfortable with being in another country, and having people around, and then switch it up later when Kyle comes.  We can afford something nicer then too.  I could afford nicer than I’m in at the moment to begin with, but this is saving me a lot of money. 

I feel badly for Matt and Carla.  I think they are in a good place, but they have just run into some problems.  I guess like my internet / tv problem, but they have had a few more to deal with.  They were told they could rent a washer and dryer for the apartment (have it installed in their apartment in the big hole that’s intended for a washer/dryer), but they are being told now that it costs a WHOLE lot more than they were initially told to rent it.  AND that they can’t have both, just a washer OR dryer.  Crazy.  That sucks.  There are no Laundromats around either apparently.  They don’t have an oven either, so they had to buy one to put like, on the counter top.  Their DVD player didn’t work, so they had to wait for that to be replaced.  Their keys didn’t work right away… You know, all that annoying crap right when you move in.  Luckily I guess the only thing missing for me is that whole internet / tv thing.  The rest has been fine.  Not that there was much in here to deal with anyway, but at least all the cooking utilities worked.  Ah well, they will sort it out.  Glad they are somewhere they are happy though.

Alright, getting a bit late.  Debating running in the morning… not sure, my legs are store from walking around the city (ive been doing it all in sandals… probably not the best way of walking long distance…), but it might be nice.  We’ll see. 


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