Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 19th

OMG, so yesterday Kyle had sent me a text at work, but we kept missing eachother with the whole text for free thing that I have on my ipod touch, since I dont have internet in my part of the office.  So to check if I have a text, I have to go out into the hallway.  Anyway, he said "GUESS WHAT," and I kept trying to hear back from him.... but I wake up this morning FINALLY with a response:

KYLE GOT HIS VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND IT ONLY TOOK HIM TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!

AHHHH I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! 

Omg, this is fantastic!!!!

I am SO freaking excited!  YESS!!!!  And I am going apartment hunting this weekend possibly.  I hope so.  I will be checking out one for sure.  I hope to God I find something good, and affordable.  A few of them look really nice, but are out of my price range if I am paying for them myself.  If Kyle is here though... we can afford it, but still.  Its about $110 more a month than I want to be spending if its just me for a while.  BUT, the bright side is: if he comes for Christmas, there are only like 35 days left!!!!!  YESS!  Amazing.

I kind of feel right now like someone is watching over me while I am over here.  Everything, with the exception of minor annoyances, is really turning out to be exactly what I had hoped for...... and more really.   Especially in terms of being in the office.  And now, my living sitution is beginning to shape up, especially when Kyle gets here.  OMG I am so excited for the next couple of months!

Haha, well, anyway, I am up for work, and should start getting ready to go since I am going to walk again.  I like walking in the morning, its really nice, though its a tad cloudy today.

More later on!

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