Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov 14th continued...

So today wasn't all that bad.  Unfortunately I didnt get all done that I wanted to.  Ah, and I still have no food... darn.  But it was alright.

Got to talk to Kyle, which is ALWAYS good.  Wish we could have talked longer.  Its so hard not being around him.... its only been a month too!  Ugh.  Anyway, it was great to talk to him.  We will hear, hopefully next week about potential jobs and which kind of Visa we should pursue for him to come here.  Im going to start looking at flights for him since he said he's been too busy, and asked if I would help.  Hopefully we can find something from CA to NZ for not too expensive.  :-D  I'll start searching.

Anyway, it was amazing to talk to him AND see his face :-D.  After that, I ran into the office for a while (yes, on a Sunday) to get some work in.  I only had about an hour by the time I walked there, but thats alright.  I got one shot revised and re-submitted, and tweaked another a bit more.  I have A LOT to do this week, so hopefully I can stay on top of it. 

Then we all met up to head to this place called Big Ups. 

OMG how much fun that was!  What a great way to meet more people too.  Its seriously like a big play place for adults.  I mean, inflatable slide, inflatable jousting ring, inflatable fly wall.... EVERYTHING.  Sumo suits, a moon-bounce boxing ring, and ZORBING!  Haha.  So cool.  Kate kicked Mercedes ass at the sumo suits (sorry Mercedes), haha.  And we got a ton of stuff on tape and photos.  We all left with some bruises by the end too.  Battle wounds!  I played soccer for quite a while.  Apparently Im a bit of a "beast" at soccer.  I had a blast doing that.  There were some guys that were really REALLY good, but I was able to keep up enough.  Seriously a blast.  Then toward the end we played a Girls vs Guys game, and that was so much fun!  A tad dangerous, Mercedes and I ended up contacting foot - to - shin, and we both have some lovely injuries from that, but at least we were in socks! 

Goooooooood times.  There were 20 something of us or so, and we ran around for 3 HOURS!  There was extra money left over too from the admission people paid to get in, so Mercedes ordered pizza and "chips" (french fries) for all of us.  Ahhh pizza.  SO good.  Oh, and btw Dominoes Pizza here is SO much better than Dominoes at home.  Seriously, really good. 

So, now Im ready for bed.... bruises, rugburn, whiplash and all.  haha.  Tomorrow will be entertaining seeing everyone all beat up.  Some of the guys were really rough... with themselves!  Haha.  Javier especially... He was just all over the place!  Good times.

Bed time for now.  LONG and busy day tomorrow!

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