Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov 5th.... more. Yea, still no internet (all weekend)

Nov 5th

Yea, there are a couple of posts today.  But today was a good day.  Work was awesome.  Seriously, even though it’s a bit stressful with the pressure of putting out some good animation…. I love it.  Everyone is SO awesome.  I must have met like, 4 or 5 more new people today, that introduced themselves to ME.  Its awesome.  People were shooting nurf guns across the room again, and this time I got in on a bit of the action.  Honestly, that’s a place I wouldn’t mind working long hours.  I don’t care to leave necessarily.  Never felt that way about a company.  I honestly like going to work.  J 

Warren, who I share the office with temporarily, is just so nice.  We goof off and talk some of the afternoon.  Its funny, sometimes I’m unproductive at work, because of my coworkers!  Haha.  Hilarious.  Oh, and there’s no internet on the work computers.  Which even though I thought it sucked at first… its fantastic.  I had internet today cause I had my laptop at work… since again, we still don’t have internet.  I’m going to start asking for some money back if we don’t get it soon.  Ridiculous.  Anyway, it means people are more social, and more productive overall if we don’t have internet access. 

So yes, today was great.  I ended up learning a lot today too, since Matt and I got handed some Layout shot fixes to help out with.  Apparently the deadline was today, and they were a little short, so we jumped on it.  Kinda cool!  Learned some things about camera fields, and how to re-stage the camera.  Little random more technical things.  And we got everything done!  I still have two shots I’m working on, and then two left to start.  So still a bit behind I feel, but I’m not really sure.  I’m being told I’ve been good keeping on top of things by some of the other animators, so who knows.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough if I’m keeping up.  I was working on that one with the elephant today, and it’s a bit hard!  But fun.  I was really enjoying figuring out how to make his trunk move.  I think I tend to over-pose sometimes, adding in too many poses in one short period.  But I’m learning.  This is so good for my career.  I love it!!  SO happy.  In case you didn’t notice.

Another fun thing: at 5pm every Friday (I think I mentioned this before, but I don’t rememer) there’s the “drink trolley” that comes by all the offices, with wine, beer, snacks, etc. for everyone.  Like a mini happy hour.  Everyone gets up and mingles for a bit and then most head back to work for a bit before heading home. 

Now, the BEST part of the day:  a huge group of us (around 10 or so) went out to dinner after work!!!  It was GREAT.  We had some fantastic food, and it was really reasonably priced!  A big Sushi / Sashimi platter thing, for $18.00.  Sounds comparable to home to me.  And there were a lot of things that were good that were much cheaper too.  Anyway, it was a blast!  Kate, Nick, Cristina, Tiffany, Matt, Carla, Levi, another Matt, me, and Robin.  Fantastic.  We were all joking and enjoying good food.  We must have been there almost 2 hours or more.  It was great. 

THEN, we headed out to go set off fireworks!  No joke.  Its “Guy Fox” (I think?) weekend, where apparently years ago, this guy named Guy tried to blow up Parliament?  I’ll look up more details about it when I have internet.  Anyway, so he tried to blow it up, but failed, and he was quartered… pretty gruesome.  But they celebrate it, well, back then it was more of a reminder of not to attempt to blow up Parliament again.  Haha.  So over here, its more an excuse to be stupid with explosives.  No joke.  You’re not allowed to buy OR set off fireworks anywhere in New Zealand apparently except for this weekend.  It makes sense… its surprising actually how reckless people here are, overall.

Anyway, so the group of us headed over to Tiffany and Matt’s place and picked up their big box of fireworks, ran by the office to get a couple of things we needed (like a bottle of water to put out the embers later), and said hi to a couple people there still working (around 10pm), took some photos of the group, and headed down to Victoria Park.  Its like, a big open football field out there, and there were a bunch of others setting off fireworks as well.  It was awesome.  I got a ton of pictures, and we all just hung around, goofing off and enjoying one another’s company.  It was a great night.  SO glad I went to that dinner.  I think these people are going to be a blast to hang out with.  Everyone has a great sense of humor, and they’re all so nice. 

So, now I am back at my place.  Its now Nov 6th,  and the fireworks are still going strong out around town.  Apparently some of my room mates are awake.. I can hear them upstairs, but I have no idea what they are up to.  This place is kinda noisy with people upstairs, so I will probably only be here a few weeks / month or so before looking for somewhere else to live.  We shall see.  Once I have INTERNET, I will find out what else I have available, but at least I don’t need to rush to find anywhere in the mean time.

Ok, off to bed.

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