Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 18th

Ummm about an AMAZING day.  Really fantastic honestly.  It was so productive!  More than I expected, so that is always a good thing.

I rode the bus in, got there around 8:30 again, and just got my nose into working!  I was able to crank out ALL of the shots I was still missing and get them submitted for the first round of feedback...and they were all with Savio and Julien.  AWESOME.  I have feedback on almost all of them... but its really small stuff.  Thank goodness!  Savio is getting a tad easier and more predictable every time I work with him, which is fantastic.  I still have one shot where I have to counter-animate him on ever frame... but its just the nature of the shot really.  Not too much I can do about that one unfortunately.  Everything else though has been alright so far with him.  Myke really liked what I had with Savio so far, just some adjustments because I have 4 shots back to back with him where I need to make sure he hooks up in between each shot.  Not too bad though. 

I also did my very first shot with Julien today.  I have one left, but it hasn't been assigned yet until next week.  OMG did that go well!  Wow.  I was so nervous about it.  Julien is so animated and crazy... I wasnt sure how good I would be at making him work.  Haha... so my feedback was:  "this is FANTASTIC!"  LOL....  How cool is that?!  I have a change at the end with how he leaves the scene, but I just mis interpreted how he hooks up to the next scene, so I will make that change today, no biggid.  But still OMG.  How awesome is it to get feedback like that on a shot I was so unsure of!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a little talk with Myke that night too before I left which was really nice.  Every time I sit and talk with him, I feel like I gain more confidence, which is exactly what I was hoping for.  He always tells me how well I am doing, and that I should continue to do what I'm doing.  He said that he had given me the shot with Julien, as well as the snake ones, to really see what I could do.  I have had 8 or 9 different characters on the show now to work with, and apparently its because he trusts me more and more with each shot he hands me, to do what it is that he wants to see.  It feels so cool to have your superior say something like that about you.  He also said how nice it was to see such a good impression of me right off of the bat.  Haha, so hard work does pay off!

So maybe Im actually pretty good at this whole Animation thing!  I was joking and saying how I was so excited that I would have a really awesome reel after working on this show, and he was like "Oh it'll be more than really nice!"  HA!  SO COOL!  Ahh man, that was a great way to end the day.  Really REALLY was.  I had another 12 hours in the office, but man, I don't regret staying so long each day this week for a second.  Hard work pays off, thats for damn sure.  And at this point.. this makes me so excited because it could mean that I really can make it to where I want to be in my Animation Career.  What an epic thought that is.  Just... really really cool.  Apparently I really did come here for a reason!  And its paying off more than I ever expected it to (and thats JUST in the career sense!).  Wicked. 

Well, after the day had ended again at 8:45, I headed home.  It was nice actually, I get home, and everyone is hanging out.  No loud parties.  Not insane drinking.  Just chilling watching tv and talking.  I like that.  So I made some fried rice (Thanks Amy, I followed your advice on how to make it!!!!), which was pretty good, and then chilled with them for a while before heading to bed.  :-)

Great day.

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